A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking for contractors and homeowners alike. In fact, a lot of homeowners put off remodeling because they’re afraid that it will take too long. Some people just don’t want to deal with the headache of having limited access to one of the most important rooms in their house.

In reality, it doesn’t actually take that long. Sure, some kitchens are massive and require lots of construction. But, the average remodel only takes around one month.

Here’s A Normal Kitchen Remodel Timeline:

Typically, the construction process lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. This is what those weeks look like:

Demolition: 2-4 days

Framing: 3-5 days

Rough-in: 3-10 days (depending on the availability of contractors)

Drywall: 5 days

Trim: 2-5 days

Paint: 2-3 days

Cabinets and counters: 2-4 days (keep in mind countertops can only be templated after cabinets are set. From template it takes 2-3 weeks to fabricate and install)

Appliance installation: 1-2 days

Sink installation: 1-2 days

Floor installation: 2-3 days

Details, adjustments, and inspection: 2-4 days

It is important to note that this timeline only accounts for the construction process. In other words, it doesn’t include initial consultations or the amount of time it takes to choose materials.

Other Factors that Affect the Timeline

In certain cases, a kitchen remodel may take as long as 2 months. There are a number of reasons why this might occur.

Some common factors include:

Electrical/plumbing issues: During the rough-in phase, our plumbers and electricians come into your home to re-route lines as needed to the new locations. Normally, this is a smooth process with no delays. However, keep in mind their schedule may change by a few days due to other projects finishing ahead of or behind schedule. Also, If we find pipes or wires are unsuitable, they may have to replace them before we can move forward.

Faulty materials: We prefer for our customers to allow us to buy the materials. However, some customers insist on purchasing materials themselves. That’s alright, but it might lead to a longer remodel. If the customer receives faulty materials, we’ll have to wait until the new ones arrive before we can continue working. Of course, this could happen with the materials HomeWorx orders as well but because we do business with a few key suppliers we have greater pull in ensuring priority is given for replacement.

Change orders: When a homeowner changes their mind mid-project, we write up a change order. Essentially, this is a contract we use to ensure that everyone involved understands the plan for the remodel. In some cases, a change of plans requires us to rewrite our budget and renegotiate with the homeowner. A change in something as simple as the paint color can add several days to the project.

Highly-customized designs: Of course, the timeline of a kitchen remodel depends almost entirely on the customer’s design. Those who want a unique tile pattern or custom cabinets, for example, should expect the project to take longer. We love doing custom jobs, but the simpler the order, the faster we’re able to finish the project.

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