Last updated on January 16, 2024

Home remodeling has never been more important in Iowa. Why? Well, because Iowa is growing faster than ever. And that means that your home is probably going to appreciate in value. The more work you put into your house, the faster the value will appreciate.

Boosting the Value of Your Iowa Home

Des Moines and the surrounding suburbs are all growing rapidly. In fact, Ankeny, IA is the 4th fastest-growing city in the entire U.S. On average, 33 people move to Des Moines every single day.

While some folks aren’t too pleased (we know…the traffic stinks), it’s good for homeowners. An increased population, after all, means that home values are rising. In the last year alone, the average home value has increased by nearly 6%. And, according to Zillow, they’re set to increase by another 3.5% within the next year.

Even better, Iowa’s economy is growing at a steady pace. 99% of people who want a job have one and wages are on the rise. As a result, more people are buying homes than we’ve seen in a while.

How should you respond to the hot Iowa real estate market? With a home remodel!

Home improvement projects can help you to maximize the value of your house. That way, once you decide to sell, it’s going to be worth far more than it would otherwise.

Here’s how much value various remodel projects can add:

Kitchen Remodel: According to Remodeling Magazine’s Annual “Cost vs Value Report”, you can add up to $14,000 to the price of your home by remodeling the kitchen.

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Bathroom Remodel: Bathrooms are a huge selling point with home buyers. Remodeling Magazine’s data shows that a bathroom remodel adds between $12,000 and $60,000 to a home’s value.

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Basement Finishing: Everyone loves a finished basement. It’s like having a whole additional floor in your home. It pays off, too. Remodeling says that it can add nearly $50,000 to the price of a home.

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You don’t have to remodel an entire room to add value to your home, either. Simple jobs like replacing your windows, getting new doors, and insulating your attic can add serious value to your home.

HomeWorx Can Help You Increase the Value of Your House

Whatever home remodeling projects you want to do, we can help. Our expert remodeling contractors are some of the best in Des Moines and the rest of Iowa.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your house in the next few years, it looks like the Iowa real estate market is headed in a positive direction. So, remodeling now could help you to get your house in shape for when you finally decide to sell.

You’ll get much more money than you would otherwise, and you can thank us later.

HomeWorx is the best home remodeling contractor in Des Moines, IA. We offer kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and a range of other services. Call us for a free quote today!