Last updated on February 23, 2022

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the tile you select for your bathroom floor or shower. But with so much choice out there, it can be hard to settle on just one. To help you narrow down your choices, as well as give you a few design ideas, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of our favorite tips to tackle your bathroom tile.

Size of Tile

Depending on where you’re placing tile, the ideal size will vary quite a bit. If you’re planning to tile your entire bathroom floor, you’ll want to look at larger tiles first. Not only is this look on-trend, it makes cleaning considerably easier.

On the other hand, there are some areas where smaller tiles are a better fit. If there are any spaces in your shower with slopes or curves, you’ll want to stick to smaller tile. This size is also great for shower floors because they give you more traction, so less slipping and sliding during your morning shower.

Tile Pattern & Organization

Once you’ve figured out the sizes you’d like to stick to for the different areas of your bathroom, it’s time to sort out exactly how you want to organize them. Here’s where you can really have some fun with design. If you’re a fan of bold pops of color, or just enjoy playing with different neutral shades, here’s your opportunity to really let that show.

The only rules that you should try to adhere to when deciding on the organization of your tiling is the rule of three. As you’d expect, this just means that there should be, at max, three different tiles in your bathroom. Otherwise, you’ll be a risk of creating a space that looks cluttered, disjointed or overwhelming. So as long as you limit your tile selections to three, you can feel free to play around with shapes, colors and patterns to your heart’s content.

Tile Color

Now that you’ve narrowed down the size of tile that you like and where you’d like to place them, you’ll want to make sure that everything comes together and that the overall look is cohesive throughout your bathroom. Before you pick out tile colors, you’ll want to have made a decision on the wall color you intend to paint your bathroom. We’ve talked about this a little in a previous article, so you can click here if you’d learn more about which paint colors to avoid putting in your bathroom.

If you’re sticking to creams and neutrals on your walls, you can take this opportunity to go for a more exciting color for your tile, or stick with a similar shade to make the space look even larger. The choice is really up to you, as long as you stay within a similar color scheme.

While there are a look of things to think about when choosing the tiling for your bathroom remodel, don’t forget to have a little fun with this process. Tile is one of the areas of your bathroom where you can really showcase your style and aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to try something different. With these tips in mind, it should all come together seamlessly, and look spectacular in the end.

What’s your favorite tiling trend? Let us know in the comments below!