Last updated on January 17, 2024

No one accumulates objects quite like a homeowner. People who own homes just seem to collect things: furniture, appliances, clothing, boxes of old junk, etc. It’s not always apparent how much stuff you have until you start a renovation project.

For example, a lot of people fail to realize just how much they’ve hoarded until they commit to finishing their basement. When you have to move all of that stuff around, you realize exactly how big your collection of old Doo-wop records is.

What are you supposed to do with all of that stuff during a remodel project? Do you have to move it out so that HomeWorx can renovate your home?

Honestly, no. As long as we have room to work, you can store your belongings wherever you’d like

The Outside Storage Option

Some homeowners prefer to rent outside storage during their home renovation. This allows people to feel safe about where their belongings are during the project. While our team is always 100% honest and trustworthy, we understand that not everyone is comfortable leaving some random guys with their stuff while they’re at work.

For these folks. PODS storage containers and U-Haul U-Boxes are great resources. They’re affordable, onsite storage containers that allow homeowners to store their belongings in a locked container in the driveway. Storage pod containers are great during renovations because they’re cost-effective and easily accessible.

Of course, others prefer to store their belongings off-site. That is a great option, too.

In addition to giving the homeowner peace of mind during the project, it’s also helpful for us. It ensures that all furniture is out of the way at the beginning of the project. It’s much easier for us to work in an empty room than to have to shuffle couches and tables around while we renovate.

But…You Don’t Have to Rent Storage for Your Renovation

If you’d prefer not to rent storage during the renovation project, we’re happy to work around everything.

We’re More Concerned with People Getting in the Way

Ultimately, it’s more important to us that people (and pets) stay out of the way while we work. We can deal with furniture and decorations, but it’s people that we’re most concerned with.

When individuals walk through the worksite, it becomes very difficult for our team to focus. They become concerned with safety and work slower in order to accommodate the people around them. Therefore, it’s very important that you do your best to keep everyone out of the renovation site while we’re working.

Help Us Get the Job Done Faster

By making sure that all family members and guests stay out of the work site, you can help us expedite the renovation process.

If you have a lot of stuff to move, renting a storage container could move the renovation project along, too. But, if you’d prefer to simply move everything to another room in the house, that’s fine. We’ll do what we need to do to ensure that your belongings are secure and your project is completed as swiftly as possible.