Last updated on January 11, 2022

Living spaces designed around the concept of Rustic Chic can be both functional and comfortable, and the aesthetic is perfect for older homes that need to be brought into the modern age. If you’re looking to create a better kitchen for the new year, then HomeWorx can help.

Explore our ideas for rustic chic and get inspired for your kitchen remodel in 2019.

What is Rustic Chic?

Rustic chic is an interior design trend that has picked up some serious traction in the last couple of years. It blends modern concepts with distressed furniture and traditional cabinetry. In your kitchen, it could allow you to achieve a transitional style that will stay relevant for many years to come.

Can You Use Your Existing Cabinets?

One of the biggest benefits of the rustic chic style is that you can use existing kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Even if you choose to install new cabinets, you can find traditionally inspired designs with the help of the experts at HomeWorx.

Rustic chic allows you to modernize in a way that keeps your home firmly rooted in tradition without making the décor feel outdated. It’s perfect for distressed cabinets made with traditional wood paneling, and both epoxy-finished hardwood counters or modern quartz countertops can be used to bring out the best in your design.

Our design team will work with you to determine how much can be salvaged from your existing cabinets on your kitchen remodel project.

The Best Colors for Rustic Kitchen Cabinets in Iowa

Color is everything when it comes to kitchen cabinets, and you’ll enjoy a significant amount of freedom when following rustic chic ideas. Light and airy kitchens can be achieved even when you don’t stick to traditional white cabinets. Pastel colors work particularly well, including hues of green, yellow, peach, and pink. If you’ve wanted to modernize with a kitchen that feels youthful and invigorating, then a pastel color palette will be perfect.

Painted wooden cabinets look great in matte finishes, and matte paints also help you to bring out the character of distressed wood that has minor imperfections.

Rustic chic can still be achieved when working with traditional white and black, but your kitchen cabinets will become much more important. Mission style cabinets can work particularly well if you are designing with rustic chic in mind.

A Kitchen Remodel Can Increase the Value of Your Home

With a kitchen remodel you’ll make your home more beautiful and valuable. With all the benefits that come from a new kitchen with modern conveniences, you could also gain up to $17,000 in the value of your home. The investment you put into your kitchen today could pay off in the future, even if you’re not planning to sell in the short term.

In addition to increasing the rated value of your home, a remodel could make your home more desirable and easier to sell. Aesthetic improvements make a huge difference for potential buyers, and with the kitchen being the heart of every home, it’s also one of the first things that people will look at when evaluating options on the market.

Don’t think of your kitchen remodel as an expense – it’s an investment! With a well-planned project and special attention to key features like kitchen cabinets, countertops, lighting, and hardware, you could maximize your budget and get a better return on your investment. High quality kitchens are more durable, so you could create lasting value even if you aren’t planning to sell for five or even ten years.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Remodel Specialists in Iowa

Is the distressed look of rustic chic not quite what you’re looking for in a modern kitchen? With Iowa’s best kitchen remodel experts, you won’t be limited to any particular style trend. You can book a free in-home consultation today and we’ll help you to find the perfect aesthetic that suits your personality and the needs of your household.

Home remodeling can be stressful when you don’t have the right designers and contractors. Our end to end kitchen remodel service will ensure that the project is completed without any stress or uncertainty. Expert planning, the best designs for modern homes, and a vast selection of kitchen designs, hardware, and finishing options will leave you with results that you’ll love.

Why settle for a kitchen that is anything less than exceptional? Whether it’s a rustic chic kitchen remodel that inspires you, or if you want something ultra-modern with clean lines and defined edges, we’re here to turn your idea into reality.

Book your home consultation today and look forward to a more beautiful, functional, and comfortable kitchen this year.