Last updated on June 20, 2023

While DIY is definitely manageable and may even be the best idea in some scenarios, it doesn’t make sense for every home and project. If you are considering renovation or even a complete refashion this year, you’ll need to know how to evaluate whether DIY or a Home Contractor would be the best approach.

With many of today’s home improvement projects, it’s not unusual to consider doing it yourself. DIY has become increasingly popular in recent years with the abundance of helpful literature, online tutorials, and even dedicated television shows and networks that share great ideas and techniques.

Understand the Scope of Each Project

Whether it’s replacing kitchen cabinets or performing a complete bathroom remodel, each project is different in terms of the time, cost, and expertise that is required. Considering each aspect will help you to determine whether you need to call in the professionals.

Time – This is one that is severely underestimated by most people who take on a DIY project. Even something as seemingly simple as repainting your bedrooms could take a significant amount of time and planning. You’ll need to assess how quickly you want the project done, and the time that you have available to dedicate to it. The DIY method might require you to take time away from work, or, you could end up splitting the project over several weekends, which would be inconvenient in most cases. A professional contractor can work around your schedule and will be able to complete the project much faster.

Cost – People perceive DIY as being more affordable because there are no labor costs involved. While this is true, there are other factors to consider. Your own time is valuable, and if you need to take time away from work then you could potentially lose income while performing DIY. Material costs could also be higher. Contractors and established home remodeling companies buy in bulk and sometimes maintain their own inventories of materials. This makes rates highly competitive. Any tools that you would need to purchase or hire, would also need to be considered.

Expertise – How much experience do you have with home remodeling or renovation? Some projects like painting a room can be completed with relatively little experience. Others like replacing cabinets, windows, or installing large fixtures could be challenging and potentially dangerous. Be honest when assessing your ability. If you aren’t 100% comfortable with the work that is required, then DIY is not the right decision. Professional contractors can perform renovation and remodeling work safely and efficiently, and the results will in most cases be much better than what you could achieve on your own.

There’s a reason that contractors are still preferred over DIY for most remodeling and renovation projects. When you hire a contractor, you can leverage their expertise, remodeling equipment, and buying power for materials and other items.

What About Permits for home Remodeling or Renovation?

Ignoring all the other aspects of DIY home improvement, there is also the issue of permits. If you are simply performing cosmetic work, then you won’t need to worry about obtaining permits. For everything else, including structural changes, home additions, plumbing, electrical, and even window and door installation, a permit will usually be necessary. Even adding decking to your home could require a permit, depending on the size.

Hiring trusted contractors will make the process smoother, as they can take care of the paperwork for any necessary permits. Contractors will also know exactly what does and doesn’t require a permit, which will keep you in full compliance with local laws.

Design and Quality of Remodeling

Unless you have some experience in the construction industry, your own work will likely fall short of what a professional can offer. The finish of a project is important. Longevity, safety, and overall aesthetic can suffer if you don’t have the right experience, skills, and techniques.

Working with professionals can also allow for a better overall design. During the consultation stage, you’ll be able to evaluate designs, colors, and materials etc. Expert designers know the latest trends and they can translate your vision into a computer-generated model. There’s no trial and error when you choose a professional remodeling or renovation service.

When You Want the Best Results, Professional Work is Essential

DIY is a fantastic way to learn about home renovation and remodeling, and small projects can help you to develop your skills. However, the reality for most mid and large sized projects is that a contractor will be safer, more cost effective, and you’ll be more satisfied with the results.

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new aesthetic in 2023, or if you want to make additions to add living space and convenience, then it’s time to talk to the pros.