Last updated on November 28, 2022

Home renovation lighting is one of the best way to bring new life to your home! Any home renovation is an excellent opportunity to modernize and beautify your home. But, bringing in new lighting to your living spaces will help up breathe new life and let you fall in love with your interiors all over again.

Homeowners have countless opportunities to improve or even change the function of different rooms in the home. One thing that remains constant, is the need for efficient and attractive lighting.

Lighting does more than just offer a necessary convenience. It can completely change the mood and aesthetic of any room. Before you start home renovation Des Moines, take the time to learn what it is that makes lighting so special and so critical to your next home remodeling project

home with natural and renovation lighting

Change the Mood with Home Renovation Lighting

The color and intensity of the light in your home can have a direct impact on your mood and emotional state. Lighting can be used to help you relax, or to make you feel more energized. Despite this, many homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into color temperature, but it’s critically important to do so on a home renovation.

  • Bright light heightens emotions. Choosing bright lighting for a room could stimulate conversation and positive feelings. This is why kitchens and dining rooms are typically the most well-lit rooms in a home.
  • Blue light can make you feel more energetic. Choosing modern LED lighting for your fixtures could result in more blue light in your home. However, you’ll need to achieve the right balance. Lighting that is rich in blue wavelengths is not ideal for bedrooms and living rooms that will be used in the evening. Blue light can interrupt your circadian rhythm, leading to fatigue after long term exposure.
  • Natural light can reduce depression and anxiety. If you are remodeling, aim to include as much natural light in living areas as possible. You can simulate natural light with your fixtures. Warmer yellow tones will make evenings feel like warm afternoons.

Smart LED lighting is becoming more common in modern homes. Special fixtures will allow you to change the lighting hue on demand, providing brighter blue light during daylight hours, and warmer yellow light into the evening.

Talk to you local Des Moines contractors for modern lighting options that are flexible for your changing needs.

Manage Colors to Bring Out the Best in Your Material Selections

Lighting has an impact on your color and material selections in the home. During daylight, colors will appear true to life, with rich reds, vibrant yellows, relaxing greens, and striking blues. In the evening, your lighting could completely change how you perceive color.

This is something that you will need to keep in mind when planning your home renovation. Choosing the wrong type of lighting could leave you unhappy with your interiors in the evening. Design experts can help you to choose the best neutral or adjustable lighting that will bring out the best in the interior color and material selections.

person using adjustable temperature renovation lighting

Don’t Forget about Practicality and Function

No matter how much you invest in fixtures and modern lighting technologies, you should never ignore practicality. A whole home renovation will change the way you look at every room. Beauty is essential, but so is function.

Entryways and halls will be better served by bright and practical lighting fixtures. In bedrooms, you will have more flexibility to include fixtures that are more restrained and moodier. You could add lamps or secondary fixtures to provide bright light when you need it.

In a main living room, you could include designer fixtures or even chandeliers to give your home a unique upmarket aesthetic. Always consider how these will look in terms of the entire renovation. Lighting should accentuate your other design choices. In most cases, you wouldn’t want a fixture to completely steal the show.

Many homeowners are also gravitating towards accent lighting around the ceiling, in the steps of the stairs, and sometimes in shelving. This creates a modern flair with added functionality to your home. 

Working with the best home renovation contractors will give you access to expert designers that can help you to choose fixtures that not only enhance beauty, but also bring long term practicality to your home.

renovation lighting accents

The Best Way to Improve Your Home

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Get inspiration for designs, model your improvements with advanced 3D software, and enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship that only the best contractors can provide. HomeWorx will help you to make your dream home a reality, with a friendly and competitively priced service that leaves no detail overlooked.

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