Last updated on January 11, 2022

We realize your remodeling project is a very big investment and we want to ensure we make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible. As your remodeling contractors, we’ve put together a list of items we like to go through with our clients to ensure all parties are on the same page prior to project start. This will help to ensure an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

Access – HomeWorx prefers to keep a key in a lock box on an accessible door.  This way the key does not leave the job, and if the lead carpenter happens to be away from the job, another HomeWorx representative can meet subcontractors, etc.  The lock box is usually placed on the door through which everyone will enter and exit.  Please let us know if you have an alarm system.  May we have a key and use a lock box, or would you prefer another method of entry?

Other methods of entry include a garage or door code. If this is your preferred method we suggest creating a temporary code which will be deleted at the completion of the project.

Subcontractors – Subcontractors are an important part of our team.  We do our best to schedule them with adequate notice, but because they are not actual employees, subcontractors can occasionally cause delays. This may include an expected arrival time of 9AM but they get caught up and cannot arrive until 2PM. Because this does happen we do not like to give specific times in the day subcontractors will be working but rather what days they will be working.

Payment of Invoices – Invoices will be emailed and payment is due upon receipt.  The preferred payment method is via the online link in the email sent or via a check which we will pick up. Prompt payment is expected and appreciated, as well as necessary to avoid any disruption in work. If you know there is an upcoming payment please move money around accordingly prior to the due date.

Delays – Some projects encounter delays.  Some are due to suppliers (the model you want is out of stock or the truckers are on strike).  Other delays occur if, once walls are opened, a situation is exposed that causes plans to be redrawn or something else torn out. Subcontractors provide another source of delay and the domino effect pops up (a delay on a previous job makes them late on yours). HomeWorx does everything we can to keep delays to a minimum. Please note your project may experience delays but this is not cause for project discounts.

Dust Control – Just about everything we do will generate dust.  Every effort will be made by HomeWorx to contain the dust, though 100% containment is impossible and dust can get nearly everywhere.  We recommend you change your furnace filter often.  We will cover anything and everything that you direct us to, so please let us know about any family heirlooms or prized possessions that need special attention. At the end of each day, our staff is expected to leave the jobsite in broom swept condition.

Proposal – Throughout the course of estimating a lot of ideas are discussed. All the work included in the proposal is the work to be completed. If it is not listed in the proposal, it is not included in the proposal.

Hours of Work – Our staff typically works 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, unless other arrangements are made.  The presence of a project manager is dictated by the schedule and workload on your job. What is the morning routine like in your household? If we show up early, may we come in? What time do you leave for work?

Please keep the family life of our team in mind and do not call or send text messages after normal working hours unless there is an emergency. Our team is directed to not return phone calls or text messages after working hours.

Weekends – Our crew normally does not work the weekends. We want to ensure they have adequate time away from work to spend with their families and unwind. Unless there is an emergency we appreciate any weekend communication to be limited to email only and not phone calls or text messages.

Restroom – A restroom should be designated to be available to the workers, or HomeWorx and the client will establish a location for a portable toilet.

Clean up – It is our intention to leave your job in a “broom clean” condition at the end of each day. In some cases, we may not be able to get our dump trailer over to a jobsite at the end of the day. If this is the case, we will sweep and place debris in one location.

Children – A construction site could pose various dangers to children.  We ask that children not be allowed on the construction site, especially during work hours.  If it is necessary for children to be either in or around work areas at any time, we ask that they be closely supervised.

Pets – Remodeling can be a trying experience on your pet.  We will try to accommodate your pet as best as possible.  Please inform us what to do if your pet “gets out” and any gates/doors that need to be kept closed. Ideally, pets will be kept in a part of the house where work is not being completed and they can not get out.

Some homeowners may choose to board their pets during the time of work. Please be aware some days we may end up not being able to make it which could result in your pet being boarded for a day when no work was being done.

Parking – A designated area for HomeWorx employees to park should accommodate both the client and HomeWorx.

Neighbors – Please let us know if there will be any concerns from the neighbors. We can reach out to them as needed regarding the job.

Preparing For Your Job – HomeWorx will gladly move the larger items: i.e., refrigerator, stove, etc.  We ask that you clean out all cabinets and small items affected by the work: wall hangings, knick-knacks, etc.  Let us know where we can move the larger items and we will let you know which walls could be affected that you may not have considered. Additional charges may apply for moving furniture and should be discussed prior to project start.

Trash Disposal – We will either set a dumpster or establish a trash pile for regular pickup by our own dump truck.  A suitable location for trash (a dumpster) should be established.

Communication – Jobs will be assigned a project manager. One of the main duties of the project manager is to ensure the project is commencing at an adequate pace and to ensure proper communication with the clients. One of the main methods of communication will be via our BuilderTrend project management platform. You will also receive updates via text message in some cases from our office staff. We strongly encourage clients to use our project management platform as much as possible.

Weekly Meetings – At the start of the project, a time will be established to have a weekly on-site meeting. The project manager will be present at these meetings and we ask that the client attend whenever possible. This is an opportunity to discuss the schedule, design issues or any other questions that may arise.

*these will be scheduled on a per project basis. Some smaller projects may not need these meetings.

Material Storage – An area, usually one side of the garage, should be selected to store salvaged material and new materials delivered.

Conduct – All people working on your project are expected to keep their shirts on at all times, keep radios at a low volume, smoke only in their vehicles and dispose of cigarettes properly, refrain from any obscenities and clean up after themselves. Please notify the project manager if any of these expectations are not being met.

Change Orders – Change orders will be priced and presented for approval prior to commencement of additional work.  Any necessary schedule adjustments will be made to reflect the change order.

Code Requirements – If code work appears that was not specified (electrical, plumbing, etc.), this work will be completed by means of a change order.

Moonlighting – We do not allow moonlighting by our employees or subcontractors for our customers.  Unauthorized work for our customers could result in an employee’s termination.

Yard Signs – We would like your permission to set one of our signs in your yard.  This sign not only helps our company generate business, but it also gives your neighbors our phone number in case they have any problems or concerns regarding our activity in the neighborhood.  The sign also serves as a marker for material deliveries and sub-contractors.

Surveys & Referrals – Our goal is to continue our track record of superior survey scores.  If we ever fall below expectations, please let us know ASAP. At periodic intervals you may receive a survey through our project management platform to complete a survey. We ask you complete these surveys and be candid in your responses. If something is not going right we want to know about it.

Tell a friend about your experience.  We will be asking you if you know anyone who could also benefit from our service.

Pictures – It is our intention to take pictures of each project prior to the start of the job and at its conclusion.  Upon completion of the project, we will schedule a time with you for “After” pictures.  With your permission, your pictures may show up on our web site.

Post Construction – During your job normal and standard construction practices and techniques will be followed.  These practices are based on all existing conditions being standard.  However, not all current conditions will be normal.

Moisture Content – The moisture content in your home can vary from a humidity level of 10% to 100%.  This swing in moisture means that all the framing lumber, trim and hardwood floors will expand and contract.  Drywall nails or screws may bulge out and new trim may separate – up to ¼” in some cases.

Final Walkthrough – At the final walk-through, the project manager will schedule a 60 day follow-up visit to take pictures and check on your completed project.  We will also contact you every 6 months after completion of your job to check in to see if there are any warranty items to address. Our warranty covers 2 years of workmanship and 3 years on systems. .

Remodeling Fever – The term coined for the natural pattern of client emotions during a typical remodeling project.