Last updated on November 28, 2022

When it comes to whole home remodeling Money Saving and Budget is critical. It will influence your design and material solutions and will ultimately determine the look and feel of your home.

Remodeling is a significant investment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to cut your costs. Experienced remodelers and home flippers rely on a comprehensive bag of tricks to save money when improving even the most run-down homes. Here are some of the best that you won’t hear from the average contractor.

1) You CAN Ask for a Discount

Many people can find it awkward or even tacky to ask for a discount on contractor services. However, this is actually incredibly common, and most contractors are flexible in terms of their fees. Even if you can’t get a sizeable discount, you’ll at least be able to agree on a payment plan that works for your situation.

2) You Can Find Bargains When You Shop for Your Own Materials

Choosing and purchasing all your materials through your contractor is convenient. The only problem is that this isn’t always the most cost-effective way to get what you need for your upcoming home remodel. Some contractors will even charge their standard hourly rate when shopping for materials.

You’ll often be able to find bargains when you shop for your own materials. It’s worth the effort so that you can compare with contractor’s quotes.

3) You Might Be Able to Return Unused Materials

Some of the largest home improvement stores will offer a return policy for materials and items that you don’t use. While this won’t save you money at the start of your project, it could potentially give you a nice bit of extra cash once your home remodel is complete.

Even some smaller local suppliers will offer returns for a restocking fee, which often makes more sense than holding on to materials that you don’t need.

4) Keep Your Windows the Same Size

Window upgrades are popular for whole home remodels. You could increase both efficiency and beauty by hanging new windows. One simple way to save money is to avoid installing windows that are larger, smaller, or a different shape to what you already have.

For like-sized windows that are essentially drop-in replacements, you’ll cut out additional labor and material costs. The result? A more affordable home remodeling or renovation project.

5) A Quality Toilet Will Pay Off Over Time

Instead of opting for an inexpensive and inefficient toilet, spend more and get something that’s of higher quality.

Toilets that are water efficient might cost more, but you’ll cut down your utility costs, helping you to recover the investment (and more) over time. High efficiency showerheads and faucets could also save you money long after you’ve completed your bathroom remodel.

6) Ask for Price Matching on Home Remodeling Supplies

If you’re shopping for some of your own materials or even appliances, ask the sales representative if they offer price matching. Many of the largest stores and even some of the smaller ones will offer price matching on non-sale items. The best shops will even match online pricing, allowing you to take advantage of some real bargains.

7) Custom Cabinets Are Sometimes Cheaper

In most cases, custom options on a home remodeling project will cost you more. But, there can be exceptions. Custom cabinets, for example, can sometimes be cheaper than showroom cabinets from a standard product line.

You could talk to a local manufacturer about your design concept, and they’ll be able to offer solutions that fit within your budget.

8) Spending More for Minor Details Could Save You in the Long Term

Just like your toilet, you could spend more on the small details to save money in the long run. Door handles, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware, and other items should receive the premium treatment. If you spend more for quality hardware now, you won’t have to buy replacements for years or even decades.

This will keep your home looking great for longer, offsetting your long-term costs.

9) Money Saving in A Little DIY Can Go a Long Way

Do you want to save some money through DIY but don’t have the experience or the time to perform a home remodel on your own? You can still save money by taking on some of the work that contractors would usually do.

Teardown can be a significant component of your labor costs. Remove wallpaper, tiles, or even old fixtures like bathroom vanities and cabinets to help cut down your remodeling fee.

10) A Detailed Contract Will Keep Costs Down

The more detailed your planning and contract is, the better you’ll be able to manage your budget. ‘Fly by night’ contractors will often present you with an ambiguous contract with costs that inflate over time. The best way to protect yourself and your wallet is to work with trusted contractors who will provide a complete remodeling plan along with a cost estimate.

You can still incorporate many of these tips while working with the most trusted contractors in the greater Des Moines area.

If you want an honest and reliable whole home remodeling service, talk to the team at HomeWorx. We’ll work with you to stay on budget and within deadline. With the expertise to bring you outstanding results, you can build a better home today.