Last updated on February 9, 2023

With a growing population and the spread of urbanization, America’s impact on the environment is increasing. As a homeowner, you can take steps to reduce your ecological footprint. Home remodeling creates the perfect opportunity.

When you choose materials that reduce waste and energy usage, you will help to protect fragile ecosystems. As you plan your home improvements, consider the following materials and the benefits that they offer.

Glass for Windows and Bathrooms

Glass is a material that is sustainable and durable. This combination makes it one of the greenest options for home remodeling.

If you need to replace the windows in your home, upgrade to low-e glass products that increase energy efficiency. Low-e glass windows can insulate against the summer heat. In the winter, they will keep warm air inside. No matter the season, you’ll enjoy reduced energy costs. This helps to minimize your impact on the environment.

Glass is also the perfect material for bathtub and shower enclosures. Frameless and framed enclosures can last for decades when properly cared for.

Tile Flooring for Moisture Prone Areas

Tiles are also made from sustainable materials, and some porcelain tile manufacturers use up to 50% recycled materials. This makes them a great option for an eco-friendly home.

Tiles can also reduce your environmental impact by eliminating waste. The tiles you install in your next home remodeling project could last a lifetime. Regular grout maintenance will keep your installation looking great.

Tiles are great for bathrooms and are a popular material for kitchen remodeling.

Natural Hardwood or Laminated Flooring

Wood is both sustainable and renewable. The carbon footprint of locally sourced materials is extremely low. This can make you feel even better about your new hardwood or laminated flooring.

Hardwood floors can look great for up to 25 years with regular cleaning and polishing. Eventually, hardwood will need to be resealed, but the base material will last beyond your lifetime.

Laminated flooring is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Veneer tops and layers are sourced from sustainable forests. Some luxury engineered flooring products come with 50-year warranty periods. This will give you confidence in their durability. This reduces the waste that can come from replacing low-quality materials.

Cellulose Insulation

New insulation can make your home more energy efficient, with less reliance on AC and heating.

Not all insulation materials are eco-friendly, so it’s important to choose the right products for a greener home. Cellulose is made from plant fibers and other sustainable materials and it’s a great choice for your next project. In addition to increasing thermal efficiency, cellulose can absorb sound for a quieter and more comfortable home.

Cellulose insulation degrades over time but typically lasts for up to 30 years when installed right.

Recycled Exterior Products for Home Remodeling in Des Moines

Even exterior home remodeling can be achieved with sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Shingles made from quarry byproducts and recycled materials can be used for roofing and siding. Reclaimed brick veneers can also be used in place of traditional masonry.

Plan an Efficient Home Remodeling Project with HomeWorx

HomeWorx Iowa is a Des Moines home remodeling company with a commitment to the local community and environment. We can suggest long lasting materials that reduce waste and ecological impact.

If you have special requests for environmentally friendly products and materials, we will make every practical effort to source them.

Enjoying a clean and beautiful home doesn’t need to detriment our ecosystems. Talk to us today for more responsible home improvements without compromises.