Last updated on March 16, 2023

Who doesn’t want to add an kitchen island into their next kitchen remodel? Over the last decade, no trend has been more pervasive in kitchen renovations as the classic island. But these incredibly versatile pieces can be quite personal. How do you want to design your island? How will it blend with the rest of your kitchen? To help you out, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas to get your started. We hope this will help you can figure out how you’d like to incorporate your favorite design elements.

Think About Size

When it comes to kitchen islands, one size doesn’t fit all. Depending on a number of factors, you may want a larger or smaller island. For kitchens with an already open floor plan, a large island can be a great entertainment space or breakfast bar.

But, if you don’t that much space to work off with, a smaller island can do the trick as well. Smaller, even portable islands can make great cooking stations. Perfect for chopping vegetables and preparing dishes. You can even consider a butcher block countertop, if you really want to maximize the cooking potential of your island.

Storage Opportunities

An kitchen island doesn’t just have to look great, it can also be unbelievably functional. If you’re looking for a place to stick some extra storage in your proposed kitchen design, a larger kitchen island is a great place to do it. Lower cabinets can easily be incorporated into these pieces. This can make it an especially good place for seasonal dishware and other items that don’t get as much use as your staple products throughout the year.

Up-cycled Kitchen Island

If you’re on a bit of a budget, but still love the idea of a charming island, this could be a great option for you. With smaller, more unique islands, you can opt for pre-loved pieces. If you can get your hands on a vintage desk or old farmhouse table, these types of pieces make amazing kitchen islands for fans of that more rustic style.

If you can’t track down a vintage piece, you could always opt for a pre-built island, especially if you like the idea of having it be portable as well. Islands on wheels can be great for busy cooks because you can move around quickly and easily as the master of your new kitchen.


Islands are one of those kitchen elements that can really define your style and space, so it’s important that you spend a little time thinking about the look and feel you’d like to go for. Installing an island doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge project, and there ways to make it budget and space friendly. You just need to do a bit of research and find the design that works for you.

What’s your favorite kitchen island design? We’d love to hear all of your thoughts in the comments below! View some of our recent Des Moines kitchen remodels here for more inspiration!