Last updated on July 18, 2023

If you’re planning a home remodeling then you could include a mancave, den, or games room in the project. Take some inspiration from the following tips, and you’ll be able to work with Des Moines contractors for a space that brings lasting value and function to your home.

Have you wanted to build your own den or mancave but didn’t know where to start? A private escape in your home is a wonderful luxury. If you have kids and a busy household, then knowing that there’s a space you can call your own can feel surprisingly liberating.

A mancave or den is also the perfect spot for entertaining friends for a game night. The problem for many homeowners is knowing where to start.

  1. Try a Drop-Down Seating Area

What makes the perfect mancave? Is it the furniture? The colors and interior designs? Maybe it’s the floor layout? If you talk to the best contractors in Des Moines, they’ll tell you that it’s a combination of each.

Your unique space should be both comfortable and stylish, without compromising any functionality. If you are working with a large space, then it’s highly recommended to install a drop-down seating area. The slightly lower floor will help to visually separate the center of the room. This will lead people towards the area where relaxation and socialization take place.

You could then use the split-level design to place artwork, memorabilia, and decorations around the elevated level. A home bar could also look great when slightly elevated above a drop-down seating area.

  1. Are You A Collector? Install Permanent Shelves During Your Home Remodel

If you’re a collector, you’ll need space to store all your items. When developing a purpose-built games room, mancave, or den, it can make a lot of sense to install permanent shelving or cabinetry.

Temporary and movable shelves are perfect if you only need to store a few items, but what if you need to store hundreds or even thousands of collectibles? A large media or game collection could take up a significant amount of space, and you should aim to display everything in a way that looks great and well-organized.

There are several ways that you can use custom shelves to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing space for all your most treasured items.

  • If you have a large space to work with, like an entire basement, you could partition the room with floor to ceiling shelves.
  • Pillar shelves are an interesting choice where you could store unique collections at different points of the room.
  • An extensive collection of media and collectibles could be stored on integrated shelves that run all around the room. You’ll never run out of space and you’ll always be able to display your favorite items.
  • If you don’t have extensive storage and display requirements, you could consider installing feature shelves. Behind your home bar would be an ideal location.
  • Contractors in Des Moines could design a complete storage and media solution, with space for collectibles and decorations as well as a high definition television, game consoles, hi-fi equipment etc.

When designing your storage solutions, think about your needs today as well as in the future. A home remodel should provide lasting value. With some planning, you could design the perfect space that will serve your needs for the lifetime of your home.

  1. Blend Brick and Natural Timber Materials

Lodge styling is incredibly popular in mancaves and dens today. This style will always be relevant, and it allows for some creativity in materials.

Combining wood with brick or stone is a great way to achieve the look of a classic lodge. The trick is to strike the perfect balance. Consider using stone or brick for the backdrop of a feature wall, or behind a bar. If your home is relatively new, then you could choose engineered wood flooring to get the look of natural timber. Exposed beams or even a paneled ceiling could help to give you an authentic look and feel.

You can still use painted drywall when working with stone and wood. Talk to a local designer to help you come up with the best combination for your budget and unique sense of style.

  1. Consider Using Unconventional Materials for Mancave Home Remodeling

Timber, stone, and brick are all commonly used for a classic aesthetic in modern homes. You could even take things a step further by choosing unconventional materials.

Some of the most interesting mancave designs use reclaimed materials. Rustic roofing iron could be installed on a high ceiling for a western-inspired look. Barnboard panels could be used on walls, helping you to recreate the look of a saloon from the turn of last century.

You can accentuate your material choices by choosing the right furniture. Rich leather upholstery goes well with wood and metal accents. Dark stains could be used for your flooring or furniture.

  1. Choose the Right Lighting for the Aesthetic

If you choose the popular lodge or rustic style for your mancave home remodel, you’ll need the right lighting to match. Contractors in Des Moines can install unique lighting fixtures that bring out the best in your design. Unique rustic chandeliers work well in larger rooms. Brass and iron light fixtures would look great in a rustic interior. You could even choose low hanging designer glass light fixtures to add class and distinction to the room.

Home remodeling is never about any one particular style or feature. A combination of various elements will help you to achieve the perfect aesthetic. Lighting is something that you should never overlook, no matter what room you are working in.

  1. Don’t Like the Classic Look? Go Ultra-Modern

If rustic or lodge styling isn’t quite your thing, you could buck the trend and choose an ultra-modern aesthetic for your mancave. There are several materials that can bring out an innovative contemporary style.

  • Use a dark quartz countertop for your home bar. This will instantly create a modern look and feel. Do you need to balance the room? Choose a pure white counter instead.
  • Choose darker stains for any wood features, such as cabinets, shelves, and furniture.
  • Have your contractors use neutral tones like white or gray for your walls. Gray walls combined with dark furniture will create a contemporary aesthetic without making the room feel small.
  • Choose low-profile light fixtures. Recessed ceiling lighting is a good option for a modern mancave.
  • Wood or vinyl might seem to be the obvious choice for flooring, but ceramic or porcelain tiles can work even better for a modern room. Pure white tiles are incredibly striking, and they help to fill a room with light.
  • If you feel that tiles would be out of place, you could choose a polished cement floor instead. This will give your mancave a modern industrial feel. You could also epoxy-coat cement with a solid color or even a metallic finish.
  • Incorporate reflective surfaces for a modern mancave. Polished stainless-steel hardware and glass cabinets and shelves could give you the aesthetic you’re looking for.
  1. Lacking Space? Build an Extension During Your Des Moines Home Remodel

If you have great ideas for a mancave, but you’re lacking space, then an extension could be the answer.

Needs change and families grow. The house you loved when you moved in may no longer suit your lifestyle. You have a few options in this case. You could live with the space you have, making compromises that will eventually take away from the enjoyment your home brings. You could move, incurring significant costs and disruption to your family. The third, and often the preferable option, is to build an extension.

An extension doesn’t need to be particularly large and you could be surprised at how affordable this home remodeling job is. You’ll gain additional floor space and even raise the market value of your home.

  1. Create an Indoor/Outdoor Flow

It’s rare to see a mancave that incorporates elements of indoor/outdoor living. This is surprising, especially considering all the benefits that an outdoor space would provide.

When remodeling in an exterior facing room, consider installing a large door and a deck or patio for entertaining, grilling, or simply relaxing on a warm day or cool evening. This would truly turn your mancave into a private escape as well as an entertainer’s dream.

This simple home remodeling addition could significantly increase the appeal of your home, which will be helpful if you decide to sell in the future. The practicality should also not be overlooked. You’ll essentially gain a whole new private living area that is uniquely your own.

Design the Best Home Improvements with the Top Contractors in Des Moines

If your home no longer meets your needs, you don’t have to settle. There are countless improvements and additions that can be made to give you more space to do what you love, with the people who matter the most.

A mancave can be a wonderful addition to any home, and it’s not just a space for the guys. Whether you call it a den, a rumpus room, or any other name, this concept is all about creating a unique area that is suited to quiet relaxation, entertaining, or enjoying your hobbies and passions.

At HomeWorx Iowa, we can help you to design improvements that bring value, beauty, and functionality. From basement finishing to home extension, we’ll work closely with you to achieve results that you’ll love for decades to come.

We use 3D modeling in the consulting process so that you can find the perfect layout and aesthetic that brings your idea to life. End to end project management, the best contractors in Des Moines, and lifetime quality mean that you can make your home more versatile than it has ever been.

Contact us today and plan a better home for the years to come.