Last updated on July 18, 2023

You can add comfort and functionality when you create space with home additions. From basement finishing to remodeling a garage, you could future-proof your home or even make it more comfortable for a growing family.

If you are looking for the most effective ways to renovate and remodel, while also adding value to your home, then any of the projects on this list would be the perfect starting point.

Enclose Your Patio Area

A patio area is great for entertaining during the spring and summer, but generally goes unused during the winter months. Enclosing your patio is one of the most cost-effective home additions that will give you more usable space on a reasonable budget. Adding roofing and weatherproofed walls will mean that you can use your patio year-round. Large floor to ceiling windows could even let you turn your patio into a gorgeous sunroom.

Add Decking for Outdoor Entertainment

If you have all the indoor space that you need but want some outdoor entertaining space for the warmer months, then decking is an affordable and simple project that will provide value for years to come.

A professionally designed and installed deck can increase the value of your home by raising aesthetic appeal. Decking is also one of the fastest home additions to complete, so you could have the work done this spring and you’ll be ready to entertain friends and family during the summer. Contractors can install extended roofing to give your deck shade and protection from the elements.

Use Basement Finishing to Add Living Space

Basement finishing will add value to your home and you could even convert available space into bedrooms or an additional living room. Appraisers and realtors don’t include unfinished basements when calculating the square footage of your home additions, so this is one of the additions that could really help if you ever choose to sell your house in the future.

Basement finishing and partitioning is perfect if you have a growing family and need extra bedrooms for teens.

Expand Your Kitchen

Modern kitchens are large, open, and perfect for entertaining. If you have an older home with a smaller kitchen, then your house could feel cramped and outdated. Remodeling your kitchen can go beyond new kitchen cabinets and countertops. You could also plan a bump out expansion that would extend the floorspace of your kitchen.

A bump out (add-on, or micro-additions) will be relatively affordable considering the space and practicality that it can provide.

Finish Your Attic Space

Attic space is often wasted in modern homes, which is surprising, considering the potential that most people have right above the ceiling. An attic space could be finished to add a bedroom, office, studio, or even a secondary living space. Depending on the size of your attic, you could make a considerable home additions square footage and value to your propery.

Choosing to finish your attic will also allow you to incorporate some interesting designs that could raise curbside appeal. Bay windows and awning windows could make your home more attractive from the outside and the extra space could be much cheaper per square foot when compared to additions at ground level.

Finish your Garage or Other Unfinished Spaces

Just like your basement, there’s a lot of potential in your garage. If you have a large garage you could consider partitioning and finishing it to create extra bedrooms or living space. The attic of your garage could also be converted into living space, depending on the size.

Other rooms in older homes could also benefit from finishing, make additions like, including laundry rooms, service areas, and storage areas. The more of your home that is finished, the more practical and valuable your home will become.

Add a Second Floor to Your Home

Finally, we come to a project that can be inherently expensive, but the results will be worth it, depending on your needs.

Adding a second floor to your home could give you more bedrooms, an additional living space, or you could even add a second floor to the entirety of your home to effectively double its size. There are several options for adding a second floor, including adding a prefabricated structure to cut down installation cost and inconvenience. Even adding a small second story with one or two bedrooms could significantly improve your home and give you room to stretch out.

Talk to the expert handyman and contractor specialists at HomeWorx when you’re ready to add space and value to your home. From full consultation and planning, right up to sign off, we’ll manage a project that leaves your home more comfortable and practical.