Last updated on February 9, 2023

Is the kitchen truly the heart of the home? While it’s definitely a place where the whole family comes together, some would argue that the bathroom is even more important.

When you wake up and begin your morning routine, it starts in the bathroom. When you come home from a long day, the first thing you will want to do is unwind and relax in a comfortable bathroom with a hot shower. You begin and end your day in this room, so you should make it a key area of focus any time that you begin a complete home remodeling project.

There are many unique ways to improve your bathroom, but your shower and bath enclosures deserve special attention when planning a bathroom remodel. While they probably aren’t the first things on your mind when planning improvements, they can have a big impact on the final look and feel of the room.

Here’s why you should consider frameless glass enclosures for your home.

What’s Wrong with Older Framed Enclosures?

Every improvement you make during a bathroom remodel should add beauty, while offering more practicality than before. Frameless glass shower and bath enclosures can do both.

Older style enclosures with metal frames were popular throughout the 90s and 00s, before making way for frameless versions in the last decade. While framed enclosures can look good, they come with some significant downsides.

  • The frames can corrode over time, due to high moisture levels in the average bathroom. This corrosion ruins the look of the enclosures and run-off from rust can stain your shower or bath.
  • Frames collect grime and debris over time. Eventually, they become breeding grounds for bacteria and other pathogens.
  • It’s incredibly difficult to clean around metal frames. Without regular scrubbing, framed enclosures won’t look their best for long.

Enclosures keep water within your shower and bath. While framed options can do this effectively, the downsides are simply too significant to overlook.

The Benefits of Choosing Frameless Glass Enclosures for a Bathroom Remodel

In 2019, frameless glass has become more common and more affordable. While you will still pay a slight premium over framed alternatives, the tradeoff is worth it when considering all the benefits.

With frameless enclosures you will enjoy:

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Without frames, there’s no crevices to catch soap scum, grime, and other debris.
  • Mold, bacteria, and pathogens won’t be able to accumulate around metal frames.
  • The look is much cleaner and more modern. You will be able to bring your bathroom up to date.
  • There are extensive customization options, whether you need a sliding door for a bath, or a pivoting door for a shower enclosure.
  • Clear glass can make your bathroom feel larger and more elegant. If you are performing a bathroom remodel in a smaller room, choosing frameless glass will give you a grander sense of space.
  • If you don’t want clear glass, you can have frameless shower doors and panels manufactured with frosted or textured glass.
  • Glass is an eco-friendly material that can last the lifetime of your home. Frameless enclosures are a great long-term investment for a greener home.
  • You can match hardware with your other bathroom fixtures, vanities, cabinets, and towel racks etc.

How Much Maintenance is Needed for Glass Enclosures?

While glass can easily last the lifetime of your home, it is not maintenance free. Mineral deposits in water and even soap buildup can leave a film on glass surfaces, eventually leaving scratches in the finish. Glass doors and panels that aren’t maintained often take on a cloudy appearance.

If you invest in glass enclosures during complete home remodeling, you will need to be sure to follow some simple cleaning advice.

Invest in an affordable handheld squeegee. The simple rubber or silicon blade can be pulled along the surface of your glass enclosures after showering. This will remove liquid and prevent mineral and soap deposits. You can also use a squeegee to clean fogged mirrors and windows.

Avoid using any abrasive sponges or cleaners on your glass shower enclosure. These contain materials that will scratch glass over time.

Daily cleaning takes less than a minute after you shower or use your bath. Once you get into the habit, you’ll find that it’s barely noticeable in your daily routine.

Are You Ready for a Bathroom Remodeling Makeover?

Glass enclosures can add beauty and practicality to your bathroom, and the minimal maintenance requirements will be appreciated by your whole family.

Of course, your shower enclosure is just one aspect of your remodel. There’s a lot more that you can do to create a relaxing retreat within your own home.

  • New vanities can add storage and practical countertop space.
  • Upgraded bathroom hardware will give you a fresh new aesthetic.
  • New bathroom flooring can completely transform the room, and you could even install underfloor heating with the help of Des Moines contractors.
  • Upgraded faucets and a waterfall shower head will give you a resort-style experience every day.
  • Fresh paint or tiling for walls can complete the look of a new bathroom.

With so much to think about, it helps to bring some professionals on board.

If you want a modernized bathroom that is as beautiful as it is functional, it’s time to talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa. We are home remodeling experts and will work with you to create a bathroom that meets your needs and your aesthetic vision.

Choosing frameless shower enclosures is just one step. Call us today to begin the rest of your remodeling journey.