Last updated on January 11, 2022

With home remodeling, the addition of new living spaces can transform the way that you see your house. Similar to basement finishing, a finished garage can give you a new bedroom, a studio to work in, or even a secondary living room, games room, or mancave.

If your home just doesn’t feel big enough, then finishing your garage could be the most cost effective home remodeling option. You won’t need to add an extension, because you’ll already have space and a structure to work with.

One thing that could influence your decision is whether a finished garage will add value. This will depend on several factors, all of which are unique to your home. Before you invest in your next project, learn how a finished garage could change your floor plan, the function of your home, and even the practicality of it.

Are You Willing to Sacrifice Parking Space for a Garage Finishing Home Remodel?

Most realtors find that even a small single car garage can add at least $5,000 to a home’s value in the average neighborhood. If you live someplace where parking is limited, then a single garage could be particularly attractive to buyers. It won’t always be about the total valuation. Simply having a garage could make your home competitive with similarly priced listings that one.

This is something you’ll need to think about before you start home remodeling. If you take away your off-street parking, then you could make your home less attractive when you sell in the future.

If you have a larger garage, then consider finishing some of the space while leaving at least the functionality of a single car garage.

Lack Living Space in Your Standard Floor Plan?

A lack of living space can slash up to 25% off your expected home valuation. Modern house are open and spacious. If you have an older home that lacks large living areas, then buyers simply won’t be interested once you list on the market.

With a home remodeling project that finishes your garage, you could take back some of that 25% and make your home more competitive with newer builds. Try adding a large games room, living room, or den. Include a bathroom in your garage and you’ll make the space even more inviting for potential buyers.

Is Your Garage Detached or Attached?

This point really matters. With a detached garage, you could easily create a self-contained unit for your teenager, or a guest house for family and friends who visit during the year. An attached garage would be more suited to a new bedroom, or a family living space.

There will be a few things to consider if you are converting a detached garage. You’ll need to make it feel like part of the house, which will mean adding a covered walkway if you don’t already have one. Try to incorporate materials that allow for a unified look and feel. Your finished garage should never feel like an afterthought.

Get a Code-Compliant Garage Finishing with Home Remodeling Experts in Des Moines

Any renovation needs to meet building code and general industry standards. Low quality improvements won’t return value. In fact, they could turn buyers away if you decide to sell in the future. The average family doesn’t want to buy a home that requires extensive patch up work and modifications.

Do things right for your own peace of mind and to ensure a better return at resale. If you are thinking about garage finishing, it’s time to talk to the friendly team at HomeWorx Iowa. We can help you to convert unfinished space into usable living space. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a self-contained unit with all the amenities, or even a secondary family room, we can help you to achieve your vision.

Our designers will work with you to find materials that suit your taste and budget. We also offer a complete 3D modeling service so that you can visualize changes as the project evolves.

Finish your garage right and get a real return on your investment. Contact us today to start your next home remodeling project.