Last updated on February 9, 2023

You can go beyond your interiors when planning your next home remodeling project. Decking is a great investment that will provide both functional and aesthetic benefits. With a beautiful deck you could even increase the value and desirability of your home.

Before you get started with a design, you’ll need to settle on materials. Learn about the top benefits of a new deck, and the ideal materials for a professional fit and finish.

5 Reasons to Include a New Deck in Your Home Remodeling Project

There are many reasons to invest in a new deck during home remodeling. We’ve put together some of the most important ways that a deck can improve your home and your lifestyle.

1) Create More Living Space

If you are lacking living space, then upgrading or building a whole new deck could give you more relaxation and entertainment options during the warmer months of the year. Decks are perfect for hosting guests, cooking food on the grill with your family, or simply unwinding during afternoons or on weekends.

A deck can be considered an extension of your home that is suitable during all but the coldest months of the year.

2) Increase Appeal on the Home Market

If you plan to sell your home in the near future or even within the next decade, investing in a deck today could provide a sizeable return. Including a new deck during home remodeling could increase the appeal of your home and it may even help you to attract higher offers once you do list on the market.

3) Improve Safety

If your older deck is starting to show its age, it could also be unsafe. Rotting wood and deteriorated foundations could make your deck unstable and even outright dangerous. Loose planks, nails, and bolts can all create risk for you and your family. You could improve the safety of your home by building a new deck this year.

4) Reduce Maintenance

A new deck could be built by Des Moines contractors using modern materials, like composites or pressure treated deck boards. These materials are low maintenance and will last much longer than traditional planks and boards. If you want a home that is easy to maintain and that looks great, then a new deck is the ideal place to start.

5) Love Your Home More

At the end of the day, a new deck will make your home more attractive, and give you more space to enjoy with friends and family. You’ll love your home more with new entertainment and dining options.

3 of the Best Decking Materials

Design, quality of installation, and materials will all have an impact on the long term return you get from any home improvement. Materials are key when it comes to exteriors and outdoor features. The following are some of the most popular decking materials available today, and the benefits that they provide.

1) Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood has long been established as the benchmark for most outdoor home remodeling projects. This wood is commonly used for decking and porches throughout the United States, thanks to its low cost and long lifetime. Pressure treated wood can last 15 years or even more in some cases.

Low cost is the key benefit here, but it does come with the downside of maintenance requirements. Your deck will need to be stained 90 days after installation and then every three years. An oil based stain is recommended to provide protection in all weather conditions.

2) Redwood and Cedar

Both redwood and cedar are also popular, and they can last longer than pressure treated wood in most cases. Both species are known for their natural defense against insect infestation and rot. You could get 20 years of lifetime from both materials, or even longer if you stick to a strict maintenance schedule.

A UV stable stain is recommended as both redwood and cedar will discolor after long term exposure to sunlight. These materials cost more than pressure treated wood, but the extended lifetime makes the investment worth it in most cases, especially if you plan to stay in your current home for the next decade or longer.

You’ll need to stain your deck every two years to protect the wood. You could have a Des Moines handyman perform staining and regular inspections for complete peace of mind.

3) Composite

Composite planks are low maintenance and are greener thanks to the use of recycled materials. They are impervious to rot and will last at least 25 years when professionally installed. Composite decking can be stained, depending on the specific brand that you choose. Some composite decking materials are pre-finished and won’t require staining during the expected lifetime.

Composite decking costs more than pressure treated wood, which is something that you should consider if you are on a tight budget. Ultimately, the long lifetime will make for a better investment, but this might not be a consideration if you plan to sell your home.

This material can’t be refinished and is vulnerable to scratching and denting from heavy or sharp objects, so you’ll have to be careful with outdoor furniture and anything else you place on your deck.

Invest in Home Improvements with the Best Contractors in Des Moines

You can build a new deck, replace your siding, or even make major alterations inside of your home. With the best home remodeling contractors Des Moines, you’ll have the freedom to bring out the full potential of your living spaces, both indoors and out.

Build a home that will provide lasting value and comfort. Contact the team at HomeWorx Iowa to get started with new decking and all aspects of home improvement.