Last updated on January 17, 2024

Whether you’re considering minor or even some of the more major home renovation projects, DIY is probably something that has crossed your mind. Doing it yourself can work out in many scenarios, saving you money and allowing you to develop key skills in home improvement and maintenance.

Of course, DIY isn’t the right fit for every project. A job that seems simple might soon turn into a minor disaster, requiring remedial work that ends up costing you more.

Before you dive headfirst into a DIY home renovation, make sure you learn about some common home improvement projects and when you should call in a professional contractor or handyman.

Cabinet Replacement for Minor Kitchen Remodeling

Worn out cabinets are one of the first signs that you need kitchen remodeling in Des Moines. Cabinets are immediately noticeable when you walk into your kitchen, and if yours don’t look their best anymore, you’ll lose the pride you once had for your home’s most important feature.

DIY cabinet refacing has become more common in recent years, due to the availability of direct replacement kits intended for homeowners. While this might seem like the perfect DIY project, there are some things to consider.

  • Cabinet refacing isn’t considered a full replacement. Most kits come with only a veneer surface and stain.

  • Refacing usually requires the application of a polyurethane finish to protect against damage. It can be difficult to get an even coating when using aerosol products.

  • Most kits don’t come with replacement hinges or drawer runners, so they’re not fully suited to cabinets that are sagging or ready to fall.

  • The quality of DIY kits can range from sub-par to high-end. If you’re inexperienced, it will be hard to tell exactly what your cabinets will look like upon completion.

Taking all of this into account, it’s hard to recommend DIY refacing and refinishing. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most valuable home improvement projects you can perform. Get it right, and you’ll add lasting value. In most cases you will regain the majority of your investment at resale.

Refacing cabinets can take two complete days without setbacks, so you’ll need to consider whether you even have the time. There’s also the risk of misapplying a veneer and damaging your cabinets beyond repair.

Professional kitchen remodeling and renovation comes with a cost, but considering the advantages in fit and finish, it’s a cost that ultimately works out better throughout the lifetime of your home.

Siding Repairs or Complete Replacement

A minor siding repair or partial replacement could seem like a realistic DIY home renovation project, but there are hidden factors that home improvement shows and magazines won’t tell you. Before you go out and buy materials and tools, consider the setbacks and risks that you could face.

  • Some siding replacement jobs can be dangerous. You could be working on a ladder while trying to balance heavy materials and dangerous tools. There’s also a risk of mold or insect exposure, depending on the condition of your home. Professional home remodeling contractors have extensive experience and training to deal with the risks.

  • A contractor will significantly cut down the time it takes to replace siding. If you follow a simple DIY guide, you run the risk of getting stuck when something doesn’t go exactly according to instruction. If you remove your siding and can’t replace it right away, your home will be exposed to the elements, with the risk of structural damage becoming very real.

  • Siding materials are readily available at major home improvement and hardware stores. However, you’ll pay retail markup on everything from nails to the siding itself. Des Moines contractors have access to wholesalers, so you could spend less on materials by choosing a professional installation.

  • Even if you end up replacing siding on your own, will you have complete confidence in the finished work? Professionals know how to ensure that your home is weatherproof, and they can identify any underlying problems that need to be addressed during replacement.

It’s possible that you could replace a small section of siding when following a detailed tutorial, but this is a job with many variables. A tutorial won’t prepare you for every scenario, which is why it always makes more sense to choose professional home renovation contractors in Des Moines.

Kitchen Backsplash Upgrade

Here’s a very popular kitchen improvement, and one where we feel that a DIY job is feasible for the average homeowner.

A tiled backsplash is simple to install and can be completed in a single day. You will have to go slowly and with extreme care to achieve a uniform fit and finish. If you take your time, the result could be very similar to a professional installation.

The only risk here is that if you don’t mount and seal your tiles correctly, water entry could damage the interior wall and cause mold or other structural problems in the future.

If you’re confident and have done some DIY tiling before, then this is a project that you could complete within a single day or weekend. If you don’t have the time or aren’t quite sure that your skills are up to par, a Des Moines handyman could install a kitchen backsplash with minimal labor and material costs.

Tile Replacement for Minor Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is another area that is often touted as being ideal for DIY. Just like a kitchen backsplash, laying down bathroom tiles is feasible for many homeowners. However, the same challenges exist.

Special care is required to avoid damaging the subfloor. You need to be confident in your grouting and sealing skills to ensure the floor is completely shielded from water entry. Any small mistake or imperfection could end up costing you thousands in repair bills down the line.

If you don’t have experience in DIY flooring, then the bathroom isn’t a place to hone your craft. The risk of getting it wrong is high, and damage caused by water entry could be significant by the time it is discovered.

Minor bathroom remodeling with a professional contractor is relatively affordable, and it could add to the market value of your home. Work with the right remodeling team and you could enjoy a beautiful bathroom for years to come, with no major maintenance needed between now and your next refresh.

Booking Handyman and General Contractor Services in Des Moines

At the end of the day, choosing whether to go ahead with DIY or a contractor service is about more than just the skills you possess. Time is a major factor. You may also need to buy or hire tools, even for minor home renovation projects. All of this can add up, making a handyman callout or full contractor service much more attractive.

If you need home improvements but aren’t inclined to go the route of DIY, HomeWorx Iowa can help. We offer competitive rates on home renovation and remodeling projects, and you’ll have confidence knowing the work will be completed safely and to the highest possible standards.

DIY isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. Talk to HomeWorx for better renovations, no matter what project you have in mind.