Last updated on January 11, 2022

The true value of an attic space is sometimes overlooked by homeowners. Often seen as ‘dead’ space, the attic is much more than an empty void for insulation and storage.

With home remodeling Des Moines, you can transform your attic into a valuable secondary living area. Before you invest in your next project, consider the benefits of finishing your attic with local contractors.

Your Home Will be Better Insulated

Here’s one benefit that you probably haven’t considered. Sealing your attic flooring and drywall will created a better insulated space that protects against air leaks in your home. This could make your home more energy efficient, potentially decreasing your electric bill during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

If you often use an air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace system, then a finished attic should be one of the first home improvements that you consider.

Add Space for a Living Area, or Even a Home Office

An attic can be used as a secondary living area, such as a kid’s playroom, a media or chillout room, or even a home office. Sometimes the attic can even be suitable for use as a bedroom, which would be perfect if you have a growing family.

Some attics are finished and used for storage. It’s not a bad idea to finish your attic even if you won’t use it as living space. Adding flooring and finishing the walls will protect your stored items from mold and humidity.

Not sure how to best utilize your attic space? You can discuss your options with whole home remodeling specialists in Des Moines.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A finished attic might not add to the bottom line market value of your home, but it can still help to drive appeal and attract higher offers in the future.

The square footage of your home is calculated in accordance with American National Standards Institute rules. For an area to qualify as square footage, there must be at least seven feet of clearance between the floor and the ceiling. This could mean that some of your attic is calculated in the square footage, while areas on the very sides of the room will be excluded.

If you have a particularly large home or tall roof, then you could maximize the square footage included in an appraisal. Even if you don’t get to count all your attic space, home buyers will still appreciate the extra convenience that a finished attic can bring.

Attic Finishing is Relatively Inexpensive

Basement finishing is what most people think of when they start to explore ideas that add space. While there’s a lot of value and significant benefits that can come from remodeling your basement, it can also be prohibitively expensive for some families.

If you need to perform Des Moines home remodeling on a budget, or if you only need to add a small amount of space, then the attic will be perfect. You won’t have to worry about many of the problems that can occur in the basement, such as water entry and moisture damage.

Attic finishing could also be a much quicker remodeling project, minimizing disruption in your home.

Explore Your Options for Attic Finishing and Whole Home Remodeling

You can build a better home today. Even relatively minor improvements like attic finishing can add value, living space, and may even make your home more efficient.

For design ideas and project management from beginning to end, you can talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa. Our home improvement experts will help you to get the best value from your budget. Industry leading craftsmanship and superior customer service make HomeWorx your best choice for all home remodeling projects in Des Moines.