Last updated on January 16, 2024

The new year is right around the corner, and if your home needs modernization, now is the best time to start planning.

We’ve talked about how winter could be the best time to start a home improvement project, and kitchen remodeling is one of the best areas of focus for the colder months.

Several new trends and innovations have appeared during 2019, and some of these will continue to dominate the home improvement landscape in the new year. Here are six trends that could get you inspired for a new and better home.

  1. A Whole Wall Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash provides function, by offering an easy to clean surface around cooking and prep areas. You could turn a backsplash into a real feature by covering an entire wall in your chosen material. Tiles work best in modern kitchens and there are countless options that you can use for your next remodeling project.

With a backsplash you will be able to get creative with color contrast and unique textures. You could even use your backsplash wall to counterbalance a dark kitchen.

  1. Indoor / Outdoor Flow in a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen and dining areas have always been closely connected. 2019 has also seen a trend where these areas flow freely to outdoor living spaces.

Achieving an effortless indoor/outdoor flow can make your home feel larger and more open. Installing large sliding or folding (accordion style) doors could allow you to create the perfect entertaining spaces for the summer months next year.

General contractors Des Moines can help you to design an indoor/outdoor flow that makes your deck or patio area feel like an extension of your kitchen and dining room.

  1. Hardwood Floors Will Make Way for Ceramic Tiles

Hardwood floors are often seen as the ultimate choice for a high-end kitchen. But, if you’ve ever planned any other home remodeling project, you will know that ceramic tiles are much more affordable and easier to maintain.

The good news is that ceramic is coming back into the mainstream for kitchen design. Homeowners love the convenience, the premium feel, and the resilience to water and other spills.

You can choose designer ceramic tiles that feature rich patterns and coloring, or, you could choose a classic white or checkerboard design if you are aiming for a more transitional style.

Choosing to go with ceramic could significantly cut your flooring costs when compared to hardwood, and your long-term maintenance savings will provide value over the lifetime of your kitchen.

  1. Quartz Will Dominate Modern Kitchens

Your choice of countertops will make a big difference when planning a kitchen remodel. If you are looking for the perfect combination of cost and beauty, opt for quartz countertops for your next project.

Quartz is incredibly long lasting and comes with low maintenance requirements. It is less expensive than natural marble or stone but can provide a similar high-end aesthetic.

The biggest advantage of choosing quartz for a kitchen remodel is the versatility. Quartz is a manufactured product so it can be created in a grain and color pattern that suits your overall design theme.

  1. Dark Cabinets Are the New White

Have you ever wanted to go bold with a dark kitchen but felt that the time wasn’t quite right? Regardless of our own sensibilities, it’s natural to gravitate towards the styles of the season. In 2019, dark kitchens have made a big comeback, giving inspiration to homeowners who want something a little out of the ordinary.

Dark cabinets and countertops can give your kitchen a personality and presence that is typically reserved only for the most expensive designer homes. You could combine dark and light surfaces to create contrast and drama.

However, do keep in mind that a small kitchen could feel cramped if you don’t get the balance right. Working with the best contractors in Des Moines will allow you to strike the perfect combination of bold dark surfaces and traditional light-colored materials.

  1. Smart Appliances and More for a Kitchen Remodel

Technology has always been at home in the kitchen. From innovations in cooking appliances to high tech accessories, the latest innovations can improve functionality in a modern kitchen.

While not every smart kitchen innovation is ready for mass adoption, we can see several improvements making their ways into kitchens at the end of this year and the beginning of 2020.

  • Smart refrigerators are approaching more affordable price points, and the technology has matured enough to go beyond mere gimmickry. Smart refrigerators can allow you to control temperature zones from your smart phone, turn on your ice maker, or see when you’ve run out of milk. A smart refrigerator could be the perfect ‘big’ investment when you need new appliances.
  • Likewise, smart ovens will become more commonplace over the next few months. Ovens that can be set from an application will give you better control over your cooking with on the fly adjustment, automatic timer settings, and temperature monitoring.
  • Smaller devices like coffee machines are becoming smarter, allowing you to program a fresh brew every morning, or even on your way home from work.
  • LED smart lighting in your kitchen can be controlled from a home automation hub or smartphone, allowing you to customize the mood for any occasion.

There’s always a risk that smart devices will quickly become obsolete. Make sure you choose your appliances based on the features that fit your lifestyle and avoid trends that won’t bring daily benefits.

Plan Kitchen Remodeling That Makes a Real Statement

Nobody wants a home that is too safe in its design approach. Your kitchen is the central hub and true heart of your home. You should use the space to inject some of your own personality, using a combination of traditional designs and modern trends.

HomeWorx Iowa can help you to plan a kitchen remodel that is functional, beautiful, and far from the ordinary. Our design team will help you to select materials that provide durability and a unique aesthetic. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it a reality.

Get expert advice with budgeting and design consultation and enjoy our expert project management service and industry-leading workmanship. 2019 has seen some of the most innovative trends in recent years. You could take inspiration from these and create a kitchen that is uniquely yours for 2020 and beyond.

Contact us today to get started with Des Moines kitchen remodeling.