Last updated on July 18, 2023

There are countless ways to transform your home into a beautiful and highly livable paradise. From changing the colors in your living room, to extending and remodeling your kitchen, you can create a Home Renovation to love for many years to come.

For inspiration that will spark your creativity, you can start with these 15 impressive design ideas for home renovation.

1) Install a Ceiling Library

Home offices are often starved for space. The good news is that you don’t need to add extensions to add usable storage. The average home attic has between 5ft. and 8ft. of available space which you could use to develop an in-ceiling bookcase. A stylish rail mounted ladder could provide easy access to your book collection, documents, or anything else that you need to store.

2) Create Under Stair Storage During Home Renovation

Another fantastic way to add practicality to your home is through under stair storage. If there’s a large open space under your stairs, then you could start by converting it into display shelves. You could even have custom storage steps installed. These hidden cubbies can help keep your home organized

If you are installing new carpet or otherwise making changes to your existing staircase, the addition of under-stair storage will be a quick and cost-effective home renovation.

3) Build a Dog Haven Under Your Stairs

Under-stair dog havens are becoming more popular with pet lovers. They’re the perfect way to really bring your pet into the family with their very own space.

An under-stair dog house will be a unique feature in your home and will surely be a conversation starter when family and friends are visiting. This is a relatively small home improvement that is often combined with other home renovation projects.

4) Install Two Dishwashers Instead of One

Don’t overlook your vast appliance choices when planning a kitchen remodel. You could install two single drawer dishwashers instead of one large unit, making your kitchen more practical. You won’t have to wait for a full load to finish and in this way, you might find it easier to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Single drawer dishwashers are often more efficient, so you could even go with this option in a smaller home. Simply install one unit instead of two. General contractors Des Moines will help you to develop the best kitchen remodeling design that works for your unique needs.

5) Upgrade Your Garden Shed

If you own a large property, then you’ll probably have a space to keep all your garden maintenance tools and supplies. Many homeowners overlook the garden shed when planning complete home remodeling. Don’t make this mistake.

Your garden shed could be extended and renovated to become a small guesthouse, a home office, a workout room, or even a detached bedroom for your teenager. In doing this you don’t have to lose any of your storage space. Contractors can section off separate areas for living and storage. A fully renovated, insulated, and powered garden shed conversion will add resale value to your home.

6) Don’t Waste That Baseboard Space – Install Drawers Instead

Do you find that you’re always running out of space in your kitchen? A lack of space is a key driving factor in every kitchen remodel. There are a few ways that you can attack this problem, but none are as creative as adding baseboard storage.

If we’re realistic, under-cabinet baseboards add very little to a modern kitchen. Turn that space into storage instead. With a few inches of unused space available, you could add drawers that are perfect for some of your rarely used kitchen utensils and accessories.

7) Create a Reading Nook in Your Attic

Why let that attic space go to waste? Attic finishing will add lasting value to your home, especially if you choose to sell in the future. General contractors Des Moines could insulate, carpet, and finish your attic so it becomes a real living space. Add custom bookshelves and turn it into a reading nook that will be perfect for kids and teens.

8) Consider Magnetic Walls for Kid’s Rooms

Kids love to decorate their rooms, but, as a parent, you probably aren’t too keen on the idea of tacks and other mounting methods. Did you know that you could use a magnetic wall to hang artwork, school reports, posters, and notes?

Magnetic wall strips, magnetic primer paint, or even coated sheet metal can be used to create functional display walls.

Magnets are the new corkboards and your kids will love the decorative possibilities.

9) Want a Low Maintenance Shower? Consider a Walk-In

Bathroom maintenance is important, especially in terms of protecting your investment. You can make things easier on yourself with simple design choices.

Low maintenance tiles could make bathroom cleaning a breeze. You could even go a step further and incorporate a walk-in shower without a door or glass walls. A walk-in shower would be the perfect feature for large bathroom remodeling.

10) Incorporate Bi-Level Living with Whole House Remodeling

Your living room should make a statement in your home. It’s where you and your family will spend the most time, and it can also double as a great space for entertaining friends and family. Plan a whole home remodel with a difference by incorporating a drop-down floor into your living room.

This will make the center of your living room feel cozier and more inviting. You could also incorporate a bi-level design in other areas of your home, such as a media room or secondary family room.

11) Turn Your Attic into a Pillow Room

Another creative way to make use of your attic is to turn it into a pillow room. What’s a pillow room? Well, it could be anything you want it to be, whether it’s a retreat for reading, a media room with a wall mounted television, or even a kids retreat/playroom.

There are no real rules for designing a pillow room, but you will need to make sure that the space is finished with carpet or other flooring, insulation, and painted drywall. You could also add windows or skylights to the attic space, depending on your budget.

Finish it off with large plush pillows and floor cushions.

12) Turn an Open Staircase into a Quirky Bookshelf

An open staircase is perfect for conversion into usable storage space. Outward facing shelves, or even custom under-stair shelves could turn an open staircase into a designer bookcase. Modern homes are all about efficiency and functionality. Making use of empty space will not only make your home more practical, it will also create an authentic lived-in feeling.

This could be the perfect way to stay organized if you love to read or if you have kids at home with a large book collection.

13) Add a Bar Rail to Your Deck

Do you lack table space when entertaining outdoors? If you want to add convenience and a unique design twist, you could build a sweeping bar top right into the railing of your deck. As a simple addition, this will be relatively economical while providing plenty of long term practicality.

14) Add a Pull-Out Island to a Compact Kitchen

It’s sometimes a struggle to create space in a smaller kitchen. Extension is one option that you could consider with whole Home Renovation. Or, if you wanted to keep things on a smaller budget, you could instead look for innovative ways to add features without actually changing the floorplan.

Pull out kitchen islands are perfect for creating counter space when you need it. In normal use, your kitchen island will look just like a regular set of cabinets. When you need more prep space, simply pull out the cabinets to reveal a portable kitchen island.

You could even incorporate this feature in a larger kitchen. The portable island will come in use during the holidays or any time that you are preparing large group meals.

15) Use Accordion Glass Windows to Improve Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Home renovation can be the perfect opportunity to improve the flow between your indoor and outdoor living areas. If you have a beautiful open plan interior but lack a smooth transition to your deck or patio, then you aren’t getting the most from your home.

Standard doors and windows might be holding your home back. Instead, install accordion (folding) style windows and doors. With large doors you could essentially remove an entire wall any time that you are entertaining. The visual and practical benefits are well worth the investment. You could also install accordion windows along the length of your kitchen walls, bringing more light into the most important room of your home.

Do Something Special with Complete Home Renovation

Your home should be a space that inspires you, where you can build memories and spend quality time with friends and family. Both functionality and aesthetic beauty are important. Sometimes, even the smallest improvements could give your home its own unique personality.

Whether you love some of our ideas, or if you have concepts of your own, we can help to make them reality. Get the home of your dreams with all the features that improve everyday living for you and your family.

From kitchen remodeling to home additions, we will work with you from design to completion. Take confidence from working with the best general contractors Des Moines and get innovative living spaces that only the best designers can offer. Talk to the team at HomeWorx Iowa to begin your full home renovation consultation.