Last updated on January 11, 2022

Creating your dream home is all about making the right choices that benefit your lifestyle. There are countless home improvements that can be made, whether you go for big additions with complete remodeling, or modernization with whole home renovations.

Every project comes with budget restrictions, and it’s important that you always get the most value from your money. While there are many projects that add value, there are also plenty that don’t provide good returns.

Your home improvement choices are deeply personal, and there’s more than just money involved. Emotions are always a key factor in what does or doesn’t work for your home. The trick is to find the improvements that excite you, while also staying within your means. You should also think about the long term impact of any home renovations, particularly when it comes to how they could impact resale.

Before you start planning the next big change in your home, consider the additions that experts recommend you avoid.

Adding an Extension for a Bathroom

It’s definitely a luxury to have an extra bathroom in the home, but do you really want to add an expensive extension just to get the bathroom you want? In some cases, this might be absolutely necessary. If you have a growing family and you are simply running out of space, then an extension might be your only option.

However, if you are performing this improvement just for aesthetic rather than necessity, then you might regret it later. You won’t regain much of your investment at resale, and this could leave you feeling more than a little bitter about your home renovation decision.

Sacrificing Another Bedroom to Build a Master Suite

We all dream of a beautiful and spacious master bedroom. Maybe your ideal bedroom has its own bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe, and even an attached dressing room. Young home renovation and remodeling enthusiasts are typically very eager to extend the master bedroom by cutting into another bedroom. However, this is generally not such a great idea.

Sure, while you’ll end up with a standout master suite, you’ll lose a perfectly functional bedroom, making your home slightly less practical. Not only will this limit your options if you choose to grow your family, but it will also make your home less desirable on the market.

For some homeowners this would be the perfect home improvement, but if you aren’t completely sure that you won’t miss the space, then it’s best to skip this one.

Better yet, talk to Des Moines contractors about better ways to redesign without limiting the functionality of your home. Expert home renovation and remodeling designers can present creative solutions that don’t sacrifice your home’s marketability.

Installing a Swimming Pool

Wait, isn’t a swimming pool one of the most luxury-focused home improvements of all? Not exactly…

While you might love to have a swimming pool at home, there are many reasons why this isn’t always the practical option. Maintenance costs can be high, leaving you responsible for ongoing expenses throughout your ownership of the home.

Swimming pools can also turn buyers away, with some seeing them as unnecessary additions that are inconvenient (maintenance etc.), expensive, and dangerous for young children.

Creating Home Renovations with a Single Function in Mind

Whole home renovation is the perfect opportunity to add functionality to your home. You could turn a bedroom into a home office, build your own library, or even convert a secondary living room into a games room or mancave.

Whenever you are renovating with a function in mind, try to avoid permanent installations that could limit your future options. For example, a home office with built in shelves and cabinets could make sense today, but what if you want to use that space in the future? You might have to perform costly remodeling to get the room back to its original state.

To keep your home flexible, opt for moveable furniture whenever possible. You can still renovate the space, just try to do it in a way that won’t inconvenience you in the future.

Of course, there are some areas of the home where you absolutely should make some permanent modifications. Shelves installed on the walls of an attic could make the space feel more like a traditional room. Adding some extra drywall in a home office to create a cupboard/wardrobe space would still allow you to use the room as a bedroom in the future.

Plan your modifications right by working with the best Des Moines home renovation experts.

An Oversized Outdoor Entertainment Area

It’s important to have outdoor entertainment options at home but be careful of going overboard when it comes to al fresco dining. You could renovate your current outdoor living spaces to be more beautiful and comfortable, but don’t go overboard on materials, size, and features. Installing a highly specialized feature like a large and expensive custom pizza oven might be trendy, but you won’t get a good return on your investment.

Aim for a reasonable amount of space and versatility whenever you are designing outdoors. Eliminate any redundant features from your design plan to keep your budget under control.

Home Renovating in the Wrong Rooms

Are you allocating the majority of your budget to just a couple of rooms in the home? While this might impress you today, the long-term benefits will be limited. If you choose to sell and move up in the future, then a half-home remodel will be a major downside for most buyers.

The average person looking for a home is not a flipper or a DIY specialist. They want a home that is comfortable and ready to move into. The people that do want projects typically look for run down homes at steep discounts.

Try to spread your budget across living areas where the improvements will be appreciated daily. Kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, and entry halls are all good places to start with a home remodel. Next comes the bedrooms, and then any other area of your home where you can afford to make improvements.

Get Expert Des Moines Home Renovation Advice

We’ve talked about some things you shouldn’t do on your next renovation, but keep in mind that everybody’s situation is unique.

Broadly speaking, your home improvements should bring value to your home, but there are exceptions. Maybe you aren’t interested in selling, and just want to create a home that you will love. If budget is not a concern, then you may even find that some of these points don’t apply to you.

Whatever your situation is, you should always go into a home renovation fully prepared and with the best support. If you’re ready to get started, you can work with the team at HomeWorx Iowa. Our Des Moines home renovation experts are ready to help you turn your vision into a reality, with end-to-end project management and helpful steps like full 3D home improvement modeling.

Build a home that is more valuable. For a home that matters, contact HomeWorx today.