Last updated on March 16, 2023

Choosing the right countertops for a kitchen remodel can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Your countertops will play the most demanding part in your kitchen. They need to be suitable for both food preparation and appliance use. They should be durable, by resisting heat, stains, and scratches. Of course, your countertops also need to be beautiful, and it’s a real bonus if they’re economical, too.

The options on the marketplace are near unlimited, and at first this can seem overwhelming. It’s best to start with the basics before you fall for the latest styles and trends.

Ask yourself the following four questions when choosing your countertops, and you’ll come out the other side with material selections that are perfectly suited to your home and unique needs.

1) Are You Ready for Maintenance?

Before you think about looks or even your budget, take the time to consider how much maintenance you are ready to put into your kitchen countertops. Every material comes with different maintenance requirements. In some cases, beauty comes at the cost of durability.

Naturally porous stone materials like granite, limestone, and marble need special care to protect against stains and deterioration. In the average home, these materials would need sealing at least one a year. If you choose a bamboo countertop, natural timber, or a large butchers block, you’d need to oil the surface every four to six months, depending on how busy your kitchen is.

Ask yourself how prepared you are for maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle and want a low-maintenance home, then you could be better served by an engineered countertop, such as quartz.

2) How Do You Use the Countertops in Your Home?

Do you live alone? Are you a working professional with a partner? Are you raising a family with tweens or even teens in your home? The way you use your countertops should influence the material or even the style that you invest in. Non-porous materials like quartz or even epoxied wooden countertops could work better in a busy home.

Laminate countertops are a cost-friendly option that could make sense in your home. You could choose laminate counters now and invest in higher quality upgrades in the future as your scenario changes. Laminates like Formica and Arborite can be used to create beautiful modern counters for a budget kitchen remodel.

3) Do You Have a Material Preference?

Aesthetics are a critical aspect of any home remodeling project. The look and feel of your kitchen will determine how much you can enjoy your investment. A beautiful kitchen made with quality materials could even increase the value of your home and help you to attract higher bids at resale.

When it comes to your kitchen counters, materials are everything. Start by asking yourself if you prefer a certain material or aesthetic. Some homeowners like the rustic look of natural timber, with butcher board countertops becoming increasingly popular. Others like the classic look of granite or even marble. Quartz is another popular option, which can be engineered to meet your exact aesthetic requirements.

Material preference is important because it will have a big influence on price. Your preferred material could even inform the rest of your design decisions, such as flooring, cabinets, and paint choices.

4) What’s Your Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

With everything else considered, it’s time to get realistic about your budget. Cabinets and countertops will make up the bulk of the expense in your kitchen remodeling or renovation project. Keep in mind that countertops could turn out to be a long-term investment, so even if you choose a premium material, you’ll get a great return over many years. If you sell your home in the next five years, quality countertops could even raise the appraised value.

Prices range from tiles and laminates at the affordable end, right up to wood, stainless steel, lava stone, and marble etc. at the high end.

Consulting with an expert design team will help you to achieve the aesthetic that you want on a manageable budget.

Work with the Experts on Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you’re planning a whole home remodel, or simply want to modernize your kitchen, you’ll get better results when you work with experienced professionals. From complete consulting services to 3D modeling that helps you to visualize your materials and design, you can build a better home with the team at HomeWorx Iowa.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, important for both everyday use and entertaining on special occasions. Make your kitchen standout with beautiful countertops and a kitchen remodel this summer.