Last updated on February 9, 2023

Are you tired of bumping elbows with your spouse while mincing onions before dinner? Or is figuring out how to stack or store your pots and pans after a rinse in the dishwasher taking just about as long as it would take to remodel a kitchen?

Alright, while that might be a bit of an exaggeration on our part, it’s still pertinent to have an up-to-date kitchen space in order to keep things moving at the pace of your family’s busy schedule. Between band practice, soccer tryouts, and those tiresome 9-to-5s, you could probably use a break when it comes to home improvements, and you probably think that you hardly have time to work on the kitchen remodel you’ve always wanted.

That leaves most homeowners asking: how long does a kitchen remodel take? With so much going on in your day-to-day life, it’s no wonder you (along with many other homeowners) have this question about your home renovation project.

In this article, we put the timeline of the kitchen remodeling process in perspective, based on the size of your kitchen renovation project, so you’re prepared when the time comes to start your own.

8 Things to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodeling Project 🤔

how long does a kitchen remodel take white kitchen mid-renovation with power tools and equipment on floor

Before you can even think about hiring a contractor to remodel your kitchen, there are a few details to consider. Ask yourself the following questions:

1.) Do You Have Any Current Pain Points?

Are any issues in your existing kitchen causing frustration for your family? Maybe your kids are getting bigger, and you need to expand the seating area. Or perhaps you want more space to entertain, which your current floor plan might not accommodate.

2.) What’s Your Ideal Kitchen Layout?

Once you understand your pain points or the problem areas you want to address, you can begin discussing your ideal layout with your design team. Are you sticking with the same layout, or knocking down walls and adding an island to your new kitchen? Where will kitchen cabinets and electrical outlets go? Whether you’re only changing a couple of things or taking on a complete overhaul, you’ll have to consider all aspects of the project design.

3.) List Your Wants, Must-Haves, & Dealbreakers

When determining your updated kitchen design, you’ll also need to discuss exactly what you want and need from your new kitchen and any dealbreakers your design team should know about before moving forward. Some of the most common examples of must-haves for many homeowners include:

  • Granite countertops
  • Kitchen island
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Open-concept floorplans
  • Extra storage
  • Smart light fixtures
  • Farmhouse sinks

Although those are only a few of the popular things people tend to ask for in their new project design, there is a broad range of details you can incorporate into your kitchen remodel, so discuss what’s best for you (and your budget) with your contractor.

4.) What Is Your Budget for a Kitchen Renovation?

Once you have a solid idea of what needs to be included in your new kitchen, you can start coming up with a complete budget for your project. The average US kitchen remodeling project can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000, depending on components and your contractor’s added labor cost.

Large kitchen remodeling projects and longer remodels will cost more money, of course, but there are many ways to stay within budget and still get the kitchen design of your dreams.

5.) Is There Anything You Can Keep?

how long does a kitchen remodel take re-stained wood cabinets without countertops installed

Are any parts of your existing kitchen going to stay? Salvaging old light fixtures, flooring, or kitchen cabinets can save money during kitchen remodeling. Simply purchase some sanding, painting, and staining gear to give items from your old kitchen new life.

6.) What Will You Need That’s New?

Alternatively, will you need to purchase things like new appliances or install new flooring during your kitchen renovation project? These things will need to be worked into your budget and considered in your remodeling timeline since putting in a new floor, or other new items can be time-consuming for even the most experienced contractor.

7.) Will There Be Major Structural Changes?

Another factor that will impact both the cost and duration of your kitchen renovation is whether or not there will be structural changes. If the plumbing system and electrical wiring are disturbed, this can definitely prolong your project.

8.) Can Your Family Survive a Kitchen Renovation Right Now?

Finally, you’ll also want to sit down with your family to determine if now is the right time to take on a new kitchen installation. Your house will be under construction for at least a little while, and things can get heated in your household without the use of your kitchen.

You’ll need to find alternative food and cooking arrangements for at least two weeks, if not more, which means you might not hear the end of it from your angsty teenager. Make sure that you have no major milestones or prior engagements happening at your home before starting your project.

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? ⏰

how long does a kitchen remodel take professional contractor installing new white kitchen cabinets

Most kitchen remodels follow the same general timeline, although the duration of your personal project will vary based on a variety of different factors. When you sit down with your chosen home remodeling company or contractors, you’ll likely complete five basic steps:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Home Visit
  3. Design Phase
  4. Contract Signing & Agreement
  5. Remodeling Phase

Use this one-on-one time with your design team to discuss exactly what you want out of the space so that everything is set straight before starting construction itself. This will be the best way to get a better idea of how long your remodel will actually take since you’ll hear right from the horse’s mouth how much additional time (and money) the details you want to be included will ultimately tack onto the project timeline.

Factors Affecting Your Kitchen Renovation Timeline ⏳

On average, a kitchen remodel can take as little as one or two weeks, but it can always be longer if you have a larger area to deal with. As mentioned above, the time frame for kitchen remodels can depend on several factors, such as:

Project Size

If your kitchen is large or the new design is extensive, you can expect the average time to complete your renovation to increase. Small kitchen remodels might only take a couple of weeks, while substantial areas, in-depth designs, or a complete kitchen overhaul could take anywhere from a month to two or more! Make sure you’re ready for the time commitment if your kitchen space is considerable.

Materials Used

how long does a kitchen remodel take modern white finished kitchen with vintage light fixtures

The materials utilized in your design will also make a difference since some items are more challenging to install or take a while to even be delivered before they can be put into place.

With many kinks in the supply chain these days, homeowners can be waiting weeks or even months for things like countertops or new appliances and flooring to come, let alone be installed. In addition, heavier granite and marble tiles or hardwood floors require specific processes for installation, which can put your time frame off track.

Current Kitchen’s State

how long does a kitchen remodel take half and half view of a finished vs. unfinished kitchen renovation project

If you don’t have to move around plumbing or electrical wiring, or you plan on holding onto old countertops and cabinets, you can expect a shortened renovation time. However, if you’re removing walls or moving things around regarding the electrics and plumbing system, there may be more delays during construction because this requires careful installation and must meet local building codes.

Contractor Experience

Another considerable factor playing into the renovation process time frame is going to be the contractor you work with. Find someone with experience and industry training to work efficiently and ensure everything is installed the first time correctly. The less experience your renovation team has, the more time it will likely take for them to get the work done and go back to fix any mistakes they surely made.

Keeping Your Kitchen Renovation Project on Track 👷🏻

Are you worried about how long it will take to complete your kitchen renovation? When you work with a trusted home remodeling company like HomeWorx, you never have anything to fear.

We’re here to keep everything on track and ensure your kitchen remodel is done right the first time around so you don’t have to spend any more days without your dearly beloved kitchen. For fast, efficient, and affordable kitchen remodeling solutions, start with HomeWorx. Contact us today.