Last updated on November 28, 2022

The advantages of an energy efficient home are straightforward and easy to understand. If you are planning to start a home remodel project, then energy efficiency should be one of your primary goals.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Improved comfort in your home.
  • Higher marketability and resale value if you plan to sell in the future.

It’s not just about the money and comfort. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your impact on the environment. There are some smart and relatively simple strategies that you can follow during home remodeling, leaving you with a house that is eco-friendly and less expensive to maintain.

Start with Windows When Planning an Energy Efficient Home Remodel

Windows are a major cause of energy inefficiency in older homes.Windows that are poorly installed or located can increase your energy bills and compromise comfort in your home. Windows that lack modern glass could be a problem, even when installed properly.

For your next home remodel or renovation, insist on Low-E glass windows. This special glass can reflect light and heat during the summer, keeping your home cooler. By filtering UV radiation, Low-E glass can also protect your furniture and floors from fading in areas that receive regular sunlight.

Low-E glass also makes a difference during the winter. It prevents heat from escaping through windows, so your home will be warmer and more comfortable. Your furnace or heat pump will operate more efficiently, significantly reducing those costly winter heating bills.

You can choose Low-E glass for all your home windows, with designer frames available for beautiful home remodeling.

Fix Cracks and Gaps to Keep Your Home Sealed

Cracks and gaps around your siding, windows, and entry ways could be costing you hundreds in heating and cooling bills every year. If your home isn’t properly sealed, energy efficiency will drop significantly.

During remodeling, you could replace older siding, window frames, and doors that are poorly sealed. Sometimes replacement won’t be necessary, and you could even seal many of the smaller cracks and gaps using a DIY foam or caulking sealer.

When planning a home remodel, talk to Des Moines contractors about a complete inspection to identify areas of concern. This will give you complete peace of mind, knowing that nothing has been overlooked at the end of the project.

Replace or Coat Your Roofing and Insulate Your Attic

Modern roofing materials are more energy efficient. They can help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Even if your roof is in good condition, you can add new coating to increase thermal efficiency.

Insulative coatings can block up to 95% of heat absorption and transfer. During sunlight hours, UV radiation will be reflected away from your home. At night or in the winter, insulative coating will keep warm air inside.

You’ll lower your energy costs by recoating your roof, while also improving the overall aesthetic and curbside appeal of your home. If you plan to sell within the next five years, an insulated roof coating could make your listing more competitive on the market.

Insulating or even finishing your attic space can also help to create another protective barrier between your home and the elements.

Insulate All Exterior Facing Walls and Your Floors

Home insulation in walls and floors is essential. Most homes in Iowa, new and old, do have insulation. However, time can degrade materials, decreasing thermal and energy efficiency. A complete home remodel creates an excellent opportunity to inspect insulation and replace any that has degraded. New home additions and extensions can be insulated using foam that will expand in place for a perfect seal.

Modern insulation can last for decades, providing you with a long return on your investment.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances, Fixtures, and HVAC

Look beyond materials when designing a more energy efficient home. Inefficient kitchen appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators could be costing you hundreds in unnecessary energy spending every year. Replacing your appliances is an investment in the future of your home, where you will pay less to enjoy modern conveniences. Look for appliances that carry a high energy star rating.

Your fixtures can also be replaced during a home remodel. Faucets, showerheads, toilets etc. are all available in energy efficient designs that use less water. You’ll cut down costs while also reducing your impact on the environment.

With all the improvements that you can make in a whole home remodel, your HVAC system is something that should never be overlooked. An older central air system with degraded ducting could be operating at just 70% efficiency or less. Consider replacing ducts and your air conditioner / heat pump. A complete inspection will reveal where energy (and money) is being lost.

Alternatively, you could opt to install a modern ductless HVAC system using split units. These are low profile and more energy efficient than traditional central systems.

Start Home Remodeling with Contractors Who Understand Energy Efficiency

There’s a lot to think about when creating a more energy efficient home, but the process becomes simple when you work with the best contractors in Des Moines.

Plan a whole home remodel that adds beauty and comfort. Make it even better with energy efficient features that save money over time. HomeWorx Iowa can provide modern solutions that add long-term value.

Create your best home yet with a team that designs eco-friendly homes without compromises.