Last updated on July 18, 2023

There is plenty of good advice to be found when beginning your Bathroom Remodeling, but there’s a worrying lack of coverage when it comes to the mistakes that you should avoid. Even if you do everything right when planning a new bathroom, some simple missteps could undo all the effort and leave you with results that are less than impressive.

As you plan your bathroom, even if you work with a professional, it’s important to go into the project with a clear idea of what you should absolutely avoid.

Here are six common bathroom refashion mistakes that could help guide your next project.

Forgetting About Natural Light for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you overlook natural light when planning your bathroom, you will undoubtedly regret it in the future. No matter what kind of lighting fixtures you install, natural light will always add warmth and comfort to your bathroom. If your bathroom currently has a small window or even no window at all, then consider window replacement or installation to allow daylight into the room. Sky lighting is also an option that could reduce your energy costs.

Modern windows are available in reflective or tinted glass, or you could even choose stained or frosted glass to allow light while also giving you the privacy that your bathroom needs.

Making the Toilet a Feature

No matter the design or cost, toilets should never be the main feature of a bathroom. For a more elegant bathroom, consider a partial wall partition to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Cabinets, shelves, or a designer armoire could also be used to create visual separation between the toilet and the rest of the room.

Oversizing and Under-Decorating

If you are making home additions for your bathroom remodeling, you should be wary of oversizing your toliet room. A large master or family bathroom is desirable in a modern home, but if you don’t get the design right then it will feel empty and uninviting. An oversized bathroom will also be inefficient if you are connecting it to your HVAC installation.

The best way to avoid going too big is to work with a professional bathroom remodel team. You’ll be able to get the perfect floorplan with fixtures that complement the space.

Unnecessarily Moving Your Bathroom Fixtures

Moving your fixtures can be costly and will require a permit for the necessary plumbing rerouting. If possible, you should always keep your fixture locations so that existing plumbing can be used. This will eliminate the need for special documentation, and will also keep the cost of your bathroom remodel manageable.

Putting Aesthetic Over Practicality

Make no mistake, a beautiful bathroom can raise the value of your home and elevate your comfort. However, beauty should never come before function, especially considering that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home.

A bathroom needs to be comfortable with a practical layout and modern conveniences. Everything from vanities, to tubs, and showers need to be carefully selected to ensure that they suit the needs of your family while also meeting your desired aesthetic.

With a professional bathroom remodeling team, you will be able to achieve the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, leaving you with a bathroom that you’ll love to use every day.

Cutting Corners on Labor

There are resources published online, in magazines, and even on television that will tell you that a DIY bathroom remodel is a great idea. Sure, if you’re trying to stick to a bare bones budget and have the experience, then DIY could be a feasible option.

However, for most people, a toilet is not one of the places to start a DIY renovation or remodeling project. Complex plumbing fittings, intricate flooring work, and the removal and installation of new fixtures and hardware requires a high level of expertise. If you are inexperienced and want a bathroom that will last, professional contractors will be essential.

Want a Gorgeous and Lasting Bathroom Remodel?

There are some areas of the home where a DIY job can suffice. For most people, the bathroom is not one of them. If you want the absolute best bathroom for your budget, while avoiding all the classic mistakes and pitfalls, you’ll need to talk to the experts.

HomeWorx in Iowa can help you to design a breathtaking bathroom that makes your home more comfortable and more valuable. A complete end-to-end process with consultation, design, and contractors installation will leave you impressed when you see the final result.

Plan for a better bathroom in 2023 by working with the best team of bathroom remodel specialists in Iowa.