Last updated on February 9, 2023

Knowing how to layout and design your new bathroom is never easy. Finding an expert you can trust to help you can be even harder than thinking it up yourself.

Don’t worry or wonder any longer. We’re here to talk through all of the bathroom floor plan possibilities so that you can be confident the next time you stare down a bathroom remodel project.

The Best of Bathroom Layouts

We’ll divide bathrooms into three categories as we go through this post. Guest baths, three-piece bathrooms, and four-piece bathrooms. Within each category will be several floor plans or layout and decor ideas that you could use and implement in your own home.

The next time you need to update or change a bathroom, you can consult this guide or call the experts at Homeworx for the help you need. We’ll help you design and build the bathroom of your dreams.

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Guest Bathroom Layout Ideas

Guest baths or half-baths are characterized specifically by being smaller and not having all of the bells and whistles or moving pieces offered in a full bath. Because of this, the layout for these bathrooms is a little more forgiving and can be tweaked to fit your needs or the availability offered by your home.

Best Dimensions for a Half Bath

Half baths can end up being very, very small. When planning your bathroom, keep in mind that you want to ensure enough space for a toilet and at least one sink. If you’re looking for ideas on what cabinets or countertops to install in your bathroom, consider going with something small and sleek that won’t take up valuable floor space.

Some homes may have more available space for a half bath, but the space will be limited in most situations. It’s not uncommon to fit half bathrooms in spaces as small as 25 square feet.

Single Wall Design

A single wall design is common if you have a square-shaped room available for your guest bathroom. Both the toilet and the sink will be located on the same wall for this layout. Single wall is simple and will use fewer materials, but it can be limiting what you choose to do with the bathroom.

If storage concerns you, consider adding open shelving on one side of the bathroom that can hold towels, toiletries, or any other necessities.

single wall bathroom layout floor plan

Split Design

A split bathroom layout is a good option if you add more personality or functionality to your guest bathroom. This design splits the bathroom into two separate spaces, with the sink and toilet located in opposite corners of the room.

This can be helpful if you want to add storage options as each side of the bathroom could accommodate something.

split design bathroom layout floor plan

Linear Layout

A linear layout is perfect to make the most of long and narrow bathroom space. One fixture is on one end and the other on the opposite end in this layout. This can create a streamlined and sleek look for your bathroom, perfect for small long spaces.

Storage in a bathroom like this will likely only be possible in a vanity.

linear bathroom layout floor plan

Three-Piece Bathroom Layout Ideas

A three-piece bathroom consists of a toilet, vanity, shower/tub or combination. There are essentially three focal pieces in these bathrooms. While there are various ways to design these spaces, we’ll highlight some of the most common and why we like them.

Basic Three Piece Design

This design is tried and truly great for small and efficient three-piece bathrooms. all the plumbing is located on one wall with the tub or shower next to the toilet and sink. This bathroom layout is also called a wet bathroom because everything is close together and easily accessed.

The main advantage of this bathroom design is that it doesn’t require extra plumbing, saving you time and money. Additionally, it can be done with a minimal amount of space.

basic three piece bathroom layout floor plan

Three-In-A-Row Upgrade

Want to keep all the plumbing in the same wall but still have more space in your bathroom? This bathroom layout keeps the same general idea as the basic three-piece design but separates your tub or shower and toilet with another door.

This can give you a little more breathing room in your bathroom and make it feel less cramped.

This bathroom layout is perfect if you’re looking to update an existing bathroom because the plumbing won’t have to be moved.

three in a row upgrade bathroom layout floor planv

Opposite Wall Design

This bathroom layout moves the sink to the opposite wall of the toilet and tub/shower. This can give you a little more space in your bathroom if you have a larger area to work with.

It also allows for more privacy when someone uses the sink while someone else is taking a shower.

opposite wall bathroom layout floor plan

Hotel Bathroom Layout

This layout can also highlight a smaller space and provide everything you need in a bathroom. Most commonly, the door to these bathrooms would open to the center of the roof with the toilet directly in front of the door.

To the left, you’d find the sink, and to the right, the tub/shower. It makes for a perfect small bathroom when the door is closed.

hotel bathroom layout floor plan

Four-Piece Bathroom Layout and Design Ideas

A four-piece bathroom consists of a toilet, sink, shower, and tub. Thesebathroom layouts can be found in all shapes and sizes, but there are some common ways that these bathrooms are laid out to promote both efficiency and ideal plumbing work.

Compact Design

Perfect for smaller bathrooms, a compact design places the tub and shower against the same wall with your sink(s) on the opposite wall and a toilet in the far corner of the room. This design highlights your shower, tub, and vanity area very well.

Doors can be placed in the center of the room for this design or at the end opposite the toilet.

compact design bathroom layout floor plan

Walk Through or Wet Room

These designs are newer in nature but have become very popular lately. The shower can be open in this bathroom layout with no door or glass enclosure. The bathtub is located behind the shower, or within it, so you’ll need to walk into the shower to reach the tub.

The rest of the bathroom is designed around this space, with a toilet on one side and a vanity. Wet rooms give your bathroom a more spacious feeling and provide an easier way to clean your bathroom. This modern take on the bathroom can look very elegant when designed correctly.

wetroom bathroom layout floor plan

Oversize Jacuzzi Layout

When you’re working with large amounts of space, you have the ability to add extra bathroom amenities. This bathroom layout keeps the shower but adds a Jacuzzi to one side or corner of the room instead of a normal tub.

Jacuzzi’s are a great place to enjoy a long bath or a relaxing day away from the stresses surrounding your life. We love being able to add these to our customer’s homes.

oversized jacuzzi bathroom layout floor plan

Centered Bathtub

This design requires a door that opens to the center of a mostly square room. For this floor plan to work well, it’s essential that you like the way your bathtub looks and functions.

The tub is placed in the center of the wall with vanities on both sides. In one corner of the room, the shower will be installed and a toilet in another. This design can sometimes feel cramped, making it important for strategic placement and sizing of each element.

centered bathtub bathroom layout floor plan

Master Bathroom + Closet

Last on our list of layouts is this master bathroom that includes a walkthrough closet. This bathroom takes up significantly more space than some of the other options we’ve talked about, but it also serves as your closet and not just your bathroom.

The idea here is that you’d have a single entrance to the bathroom, and inside the bathroom, you’d be able to pass through another door to reach your master closet. This is the perfect way to fit everything you need within one room.

master bathroom + closet bathroom layout floor plan

Modern Design Trends to Consider for Your Bathroom Update

When you’re already updating or laying out a bathroom, why not make the most of it and include some modern design trends. These are some of our favorite trends to include in your next design.

  • Oversized Colorful Tiles
  • Free Standing Tubs
  • Including Smart Technology
  • Multiple Shower Heads
  • Wood Accents
  • Compact and Simple Storage
  • Earth Tones Throughout Design

Oversized Colorful Tiles: How to Choose the Right Ones?

Choosing the right tile is difficult, especially when there are so many different options and opinions on the market. When it comes to bathroom tiles, our favorite trend is oversized colorful tiles.

These tiles can come in all shapes and sizes, but the important part is that they make a bold statement. When used as an accent, it’s the perfect way to add color and life to your bathroom. Take your time to choose the right tile that complements the space and isn’t too overbearing.

detail of modern oversized colorful tiles included in bathroom floor plan with sink and accessoriesv

Free-Standing Tubs: The Way to Go

When it comes to bathroom tubs, the clawfoot tub was once the only option. These days, there are different options on the market, and free-standing tubs are some of the most popular today.

Free-standing bathtubs allow you to have more flexibility with your bathroom layout. They also give your bathroom a more luxurious feeling and make installing faster and cheaper.

Sleek bathroom floor plan features freestanding bathtub atop marble floor placed in front of glass shower accented with rain shower head and gray and white marble surround.

Including Smart Technology: Color Changing Lights

One of the newest trends in bathroom technology is color-changing lights. This can be done with various systems, but one of our favorites is to include it within your shower head.

This way, as you’re taking a shower, the light will change colors and create an immersive experience. It looks great, it’s relaxing, and it’s super unique.

Multiple Shower Heads

If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel luxurious, adding multiple shower heads is a great way to do it. Not only does this provide more water pressure, but it can make your shower feel like a spa day.

Beautiful Large Bathroom with multiple shower heads

Wood Accents and Earth Tones Throughout

When you’re looking to update or change cabinets and storage areas, try including wood accents and earth tones throughout.

This will give your bathroom a warm and relaxing feeling that can be hard to find in other spaces. Natural elements incorporated in spaces like this will have a way of adding a lot of value.

Compact and Simple Storage

Storage should be simple and compact, whether it be linen closets, cabinets, or vanities. Make the most of your space even when you don’t need to. There’s no use in installing larger-than-needed cabinets or closets in your bathroom.

Efficiency and simplicity are always hot trends.

Choose a Contractor You Can Trust to Layout and Design Your Bathroom

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