Last updated on March 16, 2023

A basement remodeling project can be an excellent way to maximize the functional space in your home. The downfall… it does require giving up quite a bit of basement storage space. Good news is, there are ways to modify certain areas so that you can sneak in as much extra basement storage as possible.

Today we’re running through our favorite basement storage options so you can plan ahead and maximize the functionality of this area as much as possible.

Entertainment Space Extras

custom built basement storage

One of the easiest ways to pack in a ton of basement storage is to invest in some customizable built ins. The possibilities are pretty much endless with these pieces. You can really design them to fit your lifestyle. Plus, if you’d rather keep some things out of sight, the cabinet design looks beautiful on the outside while being functional on the inside.

Our favorite way to incorporate these units is to create a full wall unit around your television. Not only does this hide unsightly cords and cables, but it can be a focal point in your basement.

Stairway of Storage

basement staircase storage

This is a way to take advantage of space that would probably otherwise go unused. If you really don’t want to disrupt your basement entertainment space, building a shelving unit underneath your stairs might be the perfect option for you.

Now, the only downside to this idea is that it can be a bit of a construction project. You may only need a few shelves and some baskets, or a full built in created in order to really achieve the look with maximum storage.

Floating Features

modergn floating shelving options

If you want to display some of your items, this is definitely the way to go. Floating shelves are one of the easiest storage options to install, and they’re also budget-friendly. If you like the look, but don’t want to have all your stuff on display, you can use wicker or cloth baskets on top to add some extra organization.

Creating More Space in Your Basement

The great news about all of these ideas, is that you don’t just need to pick one! You can opt for one or two of these ideas, or combine them for a unique and functional storage wall. The choice is yours!

When it comes to integrating these ideas in your basement, you might need a little help from the pros at Homeworx! Not only is our team experienced in basement finishing and remodeling, but we are well trusted by the local community to get the job done right.

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