Last updated on July 18, 2023

Your home may have been perfect on the day you moved in, but needs can change over time. Most homeowners will find that, eventually, a house that was once cozy and organized can start to feel cramped and cluttered. If your family has grown since you moved in, then you’ve likely already started to feel this.

While a move up home is a popular option, it’s not ideal for everyone. In many cases, you can take advantage of the space you have by investing in additions, attic finishing, or basement finishing.

Each option comes with positives and negatives. It’s important to evaluate these so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Home Additions

Whether it’s adding another floor, or rooms at ground level, this form of home remodeling sometimes works out as the best solution. You’ll have a lot of freedom to add bedrooms, extend your kitchen, or simply add more living space.

While home additions add a lot of flexibility, they are often the most expensive form of home remodeling. A second story addition could cost upwards of $140,000 in some cases, whereas adding a sunroom, living room extension, or kitchen extension might be closer to the range of $70,000 to $100,000.

Of course, cost is largely determined by the condition of your home and exactly how much floor space you need to add. Generally, if you have dead space in the attic or basement, those will be the best places to remodel.

Attic Finishing Home Remodeling

If you have a large attic that is nothing more than storage and ducting, then finishing it could be a worthwhile investment that adds living space or even bedrooms. If you have stairs running to your attic already, then that will make your decision much easier. It will cut out a significant amount of cost, leaving you with just wall, floor, and ceiling finishing, as well as any necessary wiring to complete.

The attic is a great place to work because you’ll have more opportunities for adding windows for natural lighting. However, there are some downsides. If your HVAC ducting is in the attic, it will need to be factored into the home remodel. You could choose to raise the ducting higher into the ceiling, or, you could take the opportunity to invest in more economical ductless air conditioning.

Basement Finishing

Finally, we come to the basement. This is hands down the most popular space for finishing, because there will already be a suitable structure in place. Unlike in the attic, you usually won’t have to worry about any major height constraints when performing basement finishing. Angled walls won’t be a concern, and you’ll essentially be able to create rooms just like those throughout the rest of your house.

Some downsides can present themselves, particularly if you have pre-existing structural issues from water damage or any movement in the foundation. Des Moines contractors can perform a complete inspection to determine the suitability of your basement for home remodeling.

When it comes to flexibility, you’ll have a lot of fun designing a finished basement. You could build bedrooms, a new family living room, or even a self-contained apartment for teens or your parents.

The basement is an area of the home where contractor expertise really comes into play. You’ll need to ensure that suitable materials are used to combat moisture, and that extensive waterproofing is performed.

Do keep in mind that lighting can be an issue in a basement. You won’t have the flexibility of window installations, so you’ll need to rely on carefully placed fixtures to keep the space feeling open and bright. It’s beneficial to use lighter colored materials in the basement, so your choice of flooring and walls will be key.

You Always Have Options for Home Remodeling Des Moines

Your unique needs and the layout of your home will determine the best area of focus when adding space and functionality. If you want to invest in the best home remodel possible, you’ll need to rely on the best home improvement company in Iowa.

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